The rarest/most obscure recordable medium



Slim-drive, HD-DVD-drives are really hard to get


802A (HH), SD-L802B, SD-L902A are easily acquireable, even these days.

As long as the drive is reliable, I don’t care about the form factor! :wink:


Hm, don´t find many drives on Ebay

And I think some drives on your list are only HD-DVD-readers


ebay is not everything…

Also, you wrote “HD-DVD-drives” earlier.

The drives I’ve listed are easily to find and to acquire these days.
The only one really available earlier supporting writing to HD DVD-R DL media, is the Toshiba SD-L912A.
HH versions of that were never really in the market.

BTW, probably yesterday someone deleted the HD DVD drives list on wikipedia for unknown reason. Thats bad! PS: What jerks, see yourself:


This “reason” can only be a joke ?!?

BTW, if we discuss about a writable medium I think always about a writer because you can have a hard time to use a blank media with a reader :wink:


Isn’t this one using a gold reflective layer?


I was able to get some more Swisstec and Commax media.


Wow, very nice :slight_smile:


Got another bunch of HD DVD-R from Verbatim, this time 2x rated.


PS: The HD DVD drives list is now back, hopefully it will stay.




31YQ3PG7YVL 13cdrwindex


Today some Ritek CD-R with atypical ATIP parameters.
Platinum CD-R 800 MB, 4x - 12x
ATIP: 96m43s33f
Dye: phtalocyanine
Prodisc also used this ATIP for extra-long CD-R.


Parrot CD-R 700 MB, 1x - 12x BLACKMAGIC
ATIP 97m16s06f


Targa CD-R 650 MB, 16x
ATIP 97m36s06f
Dye: phtalocyanine


Thanks to Vogelschreck for sending my some rare media - including the earliest CMC Magnetics, Princo and Prodisc DVD-Rs and especially for the new holy grail of my collection, Vivastar AG DVD-R (sold as MaxDisc)! :dizzy_face:


Hui, even I never had Maxdisc DVD-R, know this brand from cheap black CD-Rs. And MMore with Bayer Macrolon was long time ago a common CD-R-brand which used mostly MBI-Code


I have some spare blank Swisstec DVD+Rs (Plasmon MID, made in Swiss), Commax DVD±RS (Interaxia and generic blank MID code, made in Malaysia and China/Hong Kong?) and CSI Photo mini CD-Rs (made in Italy) for trade.
Is anybody interested in exchanging those media for other rare media?



The Emtec could be Optodisc

Not sure about the Verbatim, IIRC it looks very similar to my CMC-Verbatims, but I can´t remember if it was DLP or DL. Blue Dye, but lighter than my 12x Verbatim DLP Super Azo (which is also the better choice)


what is so worth mentioning at K Hypermedia CD-R?


Does anyone know the brand Peacock?
This was burned beetween 1998 and 2000.