The rarest/most obscure recordable medium



Did you publish some scans of those?


MCC 00R 200:


MID: PVC (orig. Pioneer):


Thank you, not really great scans, I had one Verbatim DVD-R 2x, MCC 00RG200 burned with Toshiba SD-R5002 in 2004 scanned 2017 with somewhat smoother graph.


MCC 00RG200 is DVD-R for General - that’s another topic.


Looks like Z-CLV.


Today’s ultra rare media.

Princo PRR-C74
Made in Taiwan by Princo Corporation
ATIP = 97m 27s 28f
Gold reflective layer, cyanine dye

With help from oldburny, I was able to purchase 40 pieces of this rare first-generation Princo CD-R media. Many of you would not have ever seen a gold-sputtered Princo before. Interestingly enough, the batch that I received is unbranded. Other batches with exactly the same product SKU have Princo branding on the label side of the disc. It is difficult to see but the recording side, while it appears gold in the photo, is actually slightly on the blue side, obviously with the same light blue cyanine dye as Princo’s later silver-sputtered products.


That´s true, I only know the silver/green dye of Princo CD-R


Looks like Gold/Gold


Hence why I said that it’s hard to see the blue in the photo. It’s not quite like a true gold/gold CD-R.

Another example:-


Verbatim HD DVD-R 15GB



HD-DVD :heart:
Good old times.


Only ×1 writing speed?


The new Toshiba SD-L912A model made it possible to record HD DVD-R with an x2 transmission.
Here in the presentation @ Blackened2687

Toshiba SD-U \T 913A prototypes only seen presented at the fair. They probably have never been available on the market.



What rotation speed and data rate is ×1 or ×2?


It has one lens for everything.


Laser is a Toshiba construction with one lens but lasers - diodes are of course 3 (CD \ DVD \ HD DVD)

The write gears are very close to BluRay

1x 4 568 KB / s (1x)
2x 9 136 KB / s (2x)

1x 4 500 KB / s (1x)
2x 9,000 KB / s (2x)


HP C8000A 16X CD-R80, Made in Japan by Taiyo Yuden
ATIP = 97m24s01f


Fujifilm CD-R74A
Made in Japan by TDK Corporation
ATIP = 97m 32s 00f
Gold reflective layer, cyanine dye


Maxell DVD-RAM; Made in Japan