The rarest/most obscure recordable medium

Nice cyanine CD-R, made by CDA Datenträger Albrechts GmbH. These are becoming very rare.

Here’s some rare media. Made in Mexico by Kodak.

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I was lucky to find and buy online some very old Swisstec 1-4x DVD+Rs ( POMSA001-0R-000, made in Switzerland in 11/2003) and Commax 8x DVD+Rs (VDSPMSAB 002 001, unknown producer and country of origin, no hub or stamper code).

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Very nice :slight_smile:

Hope you will find a good writer for this media

Monarch DVD+R 4x, 10-Pack
no hub code, stamper code: DVD+R 81 (on the outer edge)

Maybe from Skymedia?
Quality is poor to crappy.

The better burns: BenQ 1620/1640, Pioneer 212
The worst burns: Plextor 712/755, Optiarc 5240

Also the better burns don´t run smoothly on standalones.

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Made by Monarch Photonics Corporation, a very small manufacturer from Taiwan.

You will find many burns from me in the Interaxia-section

Did your Benq also give up if you burn it 2,4x or 8x? My Plex 716 like it a bit

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Looks wonderful.

HD-DVD :heart: wonderful.

Are there still some CD-RWs at speeds other than ×8-×12 high speed? (1,2,4,16,20,24,32).

Pretty colourful scans.
:black_small_square:Why did the error rate junp up at precisely 1.5GB?
:black_small_square:Monarch looks like CD-R.

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I had this RW, made by Infodisc.
After the burn o.k., but unreadable after 1 year.

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Was that CD-RW burned just once?
Is it detected as blank?
How many errors does it have?

Elta Medi@ also produced some rare CD-R’s.

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Yes, it was burned just once.
Yes, it was detected as blank.
After other users reported similar results, I did not feel like further use of this CD-RW.

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for example?

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I have none at home, sorry.

Was it readable directly after burn?

If you do not mind, can you try re-burning it and error-scanning?

I would be interested.