The rare, the rest, the best - TEAC 516EB

I just posted the article The rare, the rest, the best - TEAC 516EB.

The TEAC 516EB is a quite hard to get recorder!!!Now the german Feurio website has to make a special offer for all of you, starting at 499,-DM that means about 250$ for the…

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Is it SD2 compatible ?

It’s not for sure, but I don’t think so - therefor it should be able to read/write subchannels accurately (important for NEW SecuRom) and it extracts Audio-CD’s extremely faaaaaast! It’s much cheaper than the Plextor drive and has the same features - so decide yourself. I already ordered one of this drives for testing-purposes.:4

its IDE that sucks big time... and only plextor for my, although Ive heard that the teac writers are pretty good too…

Cheaper than the PLextor? I bought my PLextor 161040a for $200…

Hi! Finally you can get this burner cheaper here in germany, check, but anyway, this recorder is great, but cant handle sd2. Only those cheap phillips recorders and other cheap recorders can handle sd2 perfectly, quite bizarre, but look at the sd2 compatible recorder list. Yeah, i know, some plextor recorders can handle it, too, but mainly cheap one, no new and fast one. Hope the burners in the future will handle that. CYA!

FAST ONE?, I’m sorry but I thought burning one in 9 mins (8x) is quiet fast, Oh I forgot, you need that extra 3-5 minutes to do something important?

  • PapaSmurf Well, if you have to do about 10 - 20 copies per day i’m sure a good speed (12-16x) saves you are great deal of time. Not that 8x is slow though! :wink: