"The Quiet Ones" FAQ



[B]“The Quiet Ones” Decryption FAQ

Q: Why did this one take so long to fix?
A: The authoring on this disc is such that it will not even play 100% correctly on a CSS-licensed player. The people that make the anti-copying code for movie discs walk a fine line between producing a disc that is difficult to copy and one that is not playable or has poor playability. We think that on this one, they crossed that line. Correcting the unusual and actually non-compliant authoring took longer than normal.

Q: Can this odd authoring be demonstrated easily?
A: Yes, take the following steps:

[li]On your PC, start a licensed player such as Total Media Theater 6 (used for our tests). Turn off any on-the-fly decrypters.
[/li][li]Insert the original disc and select "Play from beginning " if necessary.
[/li][li]When the menu finally appears, select “Scene Selection”
[/li][li]From the Scene menu, select “2” (upper right).
[/li][li]When playback of the movie begins, click on the time scale to move playback to around 1:36, near the end of the movie (you should see the end credits playing now)
[/li][li]Near the end of the credit roll, the animated Lionsgate logo should begin to play and about 28 seconds later your player will freeze and eventually crash.
Note: We do not recommend that you try this with a standalone player, the results are unpredictable and possibly damaging. Try it with TMT6 at your own risk, you may need to use Task Manager to get the TMT process to end and release the disc.

Q: Why can’t any one else figure it out?
A: Two main reasons: We suspect that they are working from the reasonable but incorrect initial assumption that it is a fully compliant disc in the first place and 2) they do not have Fengtao. The others will get it sooner or later.

Q: Is this likely to happen again?
A: We hope not :wink:


THX for the clarification,signals!:slight_smile:


There were lots of questions about it.