The Quest for Overburning

I’ve got a MSN C52 A2 (The 52x max) And I don’t have a DVDR (yet) and I need to burn some file of 700mb. So I know my burner can do overburing and I just baught 20 99mn 980mb discs. What do I do …

Do I have to install a new driver or does the driver it has already do overburning.

The driver I have is the one my XP OS installed by default which is
file ver 5.1.2600.1106 xpsp1.020828-1920
Driver date7/1/2001

I’ve already wasted 3 99min CD’s and trying not to waste any of these.

Also how do I need to set my Nero 6 for overburning

Please help !!!

I just did an overburn and I found did it all on my own but I bet you guys would have helped me out if you would have been in time so thank anyway.

Good going, now which of your drives can reliably READ a full-burned 99 - it’s not a certainty!

CDspeed transfer rate test, and some drive will lose the will to read at some point, dropping to pathetic speed for some time, and then erroring.

Don’t know what you mean exactly or was that a joke

He meant that not all drives can read a 99min CD.

YEP! - Looking over many reviews at - it’s quite common for drives to fail to read a 90 or 99 to the end, or to only manage one of the two extended lengths - in some instances, even a drive which can write them!

I suspect that the over length CD capability is not being given much emphasis, with the rise in DVD usage

Also, some drives will not read them full stop.

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For instructions on how to burn a 99min disc you can have a look at this