The quest for best media other than TY/MCC

Hi to all

I am in Cairo now trying to find the best media that I can find specially that the guy that I was buying Panasonic TYG03 in 25 packs had nothing left .
I got :

Panasonic TYG03 in 5 slim case packs for .70$ per disc
TDK Prodisc R04 in 10 disc spindle for .44$ per disc
HP CMC MAG E01 in slim cases for .44$ per disc
Samsung Pleomax OPTODISCR16 for .52$ per disc .

Then the store got stock of Panasonic TYG03 in 25 packs again and I got 4 packs for .49$ per disc :bigsmile: I didn’t try them yet but sure they would be great
That is after a friend of mine came back from California with 100 pack spindle of Verbatim Prodisc made MCC004 that is very bad (at least quality scans and inconsistency wise)

I will sell the 100 Verbatims and get other media with the money but want to decide which one of the above .

Here is some scans of the media , note that beautiful OPTODISCR16 PIF/PIE but unfortunately they were the last 10 disc slim cases box and I wouldn’t touch Full jewel cased or spindles because they are not that good .

While MCC 004 is no beauty if compared to some other batches, all these discs have great scans and should work well. :slight_smile:

i wouldnt mine having a dabble with some of them optodisc R16’s

My vote goes to the HP CMC MAG E01 discs, not because of the scan but because of real-world behaviour of these discs. They’re my favorite after MCC004 for: perfect stability, wide compatibility with players, price. :slight_smile:

100 pack spindle of Verbatim Prodisc made MCC004 that is very bad (at least quality scans and inconsistency wise)
Got some scans of these bad MCC004? If you’re referring to the MCC004 scan above, I don’t understand. What’s wrong with it?

If you’re going to select your media from the lowest PIE/PIF figures out of a bunch of very good scans, time for a reality check. This is an unsound way to select media (and I’m pretty sure you know that already :wink: ). Or you can, as I usually put it, select Ritek G05 over MCC03RG20. :bigsmile:

I have two discs at home that had horrible PIF blocks and in the range of 4000-6000 total PIFs
I will post them as soon as I go back home .

When selecting media , I choose reputable MID such as CMC MAG E01 (as you suggested) or OPTODISC from my own experience with them since 8X discs which had no degradation whatsoever after 2+ years , from the batches I try I seek the best PIF/PIE/Jitter scans and get all the discs from the same store at the same time .

I also get other media than TYG03 (Panasonic) for testing purposes but looking at price difference I always go back to TY :bigsmile:

Nice scans [B]minaelromany[/B] :clap: But those MIDs have one very big disadvantage when compared to MCC/TY: you cannot be sure what do you get. With Verbatim discs you can be sure that there will be MCC media inside, and TY discs can be relatively easily identified by the package.

But i have no idea wha to look for if i want a Prodisc, CMC or Optodisc :confused:

The HP CMC MAG E01s are very consistent :wink:

Your remarks still stand correct for the “big picture”, though.

I think that he was talking about manufacturers changing their MIDs all the time , not consistency :wink: , and yes HP CMC MAG E01 can be very consistent in quality but I also find that OPTODISCR16 is the same if not better .
It is stability that concerns me the most , my worst nightmare is media degradation without knowing and discs become unreadable :frowning:

:iagree: :iagree: :iagree:
I’m eager to try those MIDs, but i have no idea under which brand can i find them.
I never saw HP branded discs on the slovak market, Pleomax (MBI made) was available for a short time, but quickly vanished. I’ve seen on the forum that Imation discs in the US are from Optodisc, but we usually get MBI, or (recently) Daxon.

Maybe someone should write a little FAQ about those MIDs (under which brand are they sold, country of origin, etc).

I agree that degradation can be a serious issue, but your Optodisc thread (that has been hijacked by some folks :p) was very promising.

Imation was CMC for some time before, and in the old CD ages it was TY.
In fact I’ve seen 50 disc packs of Imation 32x CD-R, Made in Taiwan by CMC not long ago - but didn’t bother to buy them. Too scary. Went for the 50 pack of Verbatim 52x Pastel Disc CD-R (TY) for the same price instead. :slight_smile:

You mean [I]brands[/I] I guess ?

It is stability that concerns me the most
I got that part ;), which is why I recommend the HP E01s: I’m a stability freak myself, I check my media closely for possible degradation, and my HP-branded E01s are rock stable. Under other (cheaper) brands, my E01s are stable, but still there is some variation after 6/12 months, slight and not worrying, but noticeable. With the HP ones, nothing like that. :cool:

My take on this is that even though the MIDs themselves are inherently more or less stable , the manufacturing quality definitly plays a part even for the same MID. The fact that there are different grades for the same MID, and that some brands buy the lower grade and others the higher grade, is not a myth in my experience. I’ve learned this the hard way with Ritek G04, depending on the sources they’ve been very stable or degrading like mad. And recently I experienced the same with MBIPG101 R04 (under TDK and Imation: stable, under Ricoh: degrading :a ).

So yes, the brand is just as important as the MID. And I can’t say which brand other than HP would sell premium CMC on a regular basis, sorry :confused: - maybe Verbatim “pearl white” discs? I can’t really help.

Why no jitter for the first few scans?

Also, clumps in the MCC004 that you said had 4000-6000 PIF were probably dust. That can happen to any media, I don’t think it would just be caused from defects within the disc. You should see if there is dust on the before burning, unless you already do and the verbs just sucked for some reason.

Anyways, I’m with franck for this one, the E01 have been very good to me and yours show nice error levels, as I said, jitter would be nice to see also. I rate E01 above TYG03, TYG02 and some MCC. Very trustable media if you know where to get the a grade stuff, which I definitely think you have :iagree:

EDIT: just for the record, I’ve gotten some lightscribe E01 recently, and they scan a bit worse and TRT a bit worse than my premium E01. So there’s definitely good brands and bad brands you can get but the lower grade E01 I have are still very good media and work nicely.

Ignoring totally your comments and just answering the question.

ahh it’s easy.
Maxell (prefered BQ or Protek) or MPO gold are also excellent! :slight_smile:

Okay now serious from your options of what’s available I would go with the HP CMC MAG E01. From the 4 available options they have the best reputation when it comes to stability.

Here are the jitter-less scans with jitter , I forgot to enable jitter when I bought a Benq 1800 and crossflashed it to 2000

The PIF blocks were not because of dust , they are a trademark of Prodisc made MCC004 :bigsmile:

I think that I will get more of these HP although Panasonic TYG03 is slightly more expensive and it burns fine at higher speeds but E01 are becoming hard to find so it may be my last chance .

dakhaas , you are right ! I should have said : The quest for best media cheaper than TY/MCC :stuck_out_tongue:

Not always. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve had quite some PIF blocks (2000 PIF, height was [B]2[/B]) with CMC Verbies.

The E01 has nice jitter also. I think you should stock up on a few of them.

Might I also add that not only do E01 have good stability but they also have high reflectivity. Many discs including MCC004 and TYG03 have around .44 - .45 consistently for reflectivity but E01 consistently has .5 and over. These figures are from professional scanning equipment if you are wondering.

High reflectivity
Good stability
Low errors
Low jitter

What more can you ask for in a relatively cheap DVD?? :stuck_out_tongue:

And here in the states, you can find 16x Optodisc easier than 8x anything (at a decent price, of course).

I think that I am gonna get 100 of these CMC MAG E01 , not that consistent but quality scanning is moot after what cd pirate and other members said :bigsmile:

I recently bought 100 more of these @ Costco in Northern CA so you might still find some left on store shelves.
TDK 8X-R 100 Pc. White Printable; Made in Taiwan; TTG02 Media Code burned @ 8X in PIONEER 112 (Buffalo 8.21) external enclosure via 1394

FUJIFILM brand media MIT with Fujifilm MID are always above average media. :iagree: