The protected audio CD experience

I just posted the article The protected audio CD experience.

zEEwEE probably noticed the fuss about audio copy protections and found himself having a protected audio CD. He started to do a little research and reported his experiences on his own…

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I ripped The Loveparade Compilation 2001 can be copied without problems, using my Plextor UltraPlex 40Max. Windows Meda Player 7 also plays the disc digitaly perfectly. I had trouble with my other drives.

There is an easier and more high tech way to defeating DMCA. I have the hercules Game Theater Xp which has numerous connection jacks on the breakout box. I simply connect my portable Mini Disc Recorder to the digital and play the CD in my DVD Drive and record the CD on an 80 minute mini disc.I then connect the mini disc to the digital input and record the songs in wave fromat for future CD mixing or MP3 conversion. If I am unable to get a disc to play on my workstation I can connect my mini disc recorder to my Onkyo CD player or my Panasonic portable Cd player through the digital output jack.I read this week that Sony’s DMCa system may send high pitch feedback through the speakers and possibly blow them.

Who can stop me from pluggin’ my cd-player digital output to my PC digital input :8 ??? IMHO if we can HEAR ANY “protected” audio we can just grab the digital audio from audio card :wink:

VEC7OR Then it would be analog not digital.

The problem lies in the real-time hassle verses ripping a cd track at 24x (I have ripped at up to 42x). It will slowly discourage everyone from doing it cause it’s a hassle. Plus mini-disc has its’ own audio data compression - between minidisk & then to mp3 - i dunno - too much data chopping - i can hear the difference, can’t you? see my article on defeating audio protection - there is a simple asnwer. :slight_smile:

I only suggested using a mini disk with its ATRAC compression, as an alternate to putting tape on the Love Parade CD.I did not intend for that method to be used on a regular basis for grabbing audio tracks off of a CD.I would rather go through the process of real time encoding with my mini- disc,than risk potential damage to my workstation.