The pros and cons of dell laptops

i personally like dell but they don’t have the best battery

for any who may view this i am concerned because my laptop gave me a warning aboght my battery it said it was damaged if this is true do i have to worry aboght it exploding

Normally not, it means the power of the battery is not the best.

My Fujitsu show I should consider to change the battery, but I don´t see this warning with every Operating System.

Battery-power also depends on the price of the laptop. Expensive business-machines have more power than a cheap entry-level laptops.

I have a cheap Vostro and it was a good bang for the back. It´s quiet and have no bigger issue. To bad the newer Dells are also so maintenance-unfriendly like the competition.

thank you i am glad i dont have to worry to much aboght it i probable get it checked and replace it if needed

dell is not the best laptop i ever had but is still very good :+1: :+1: