The prompt box when inserting a dvd movie has gone,movie plays automatically

I recently formated my pc and installed winDVD for dvd movies.
At first when I entered a dvd movie everything was ok, the prompt box was appearing every time: to choose what to do with the inserted dvd.
But yesterday when I inserted a dvd movie, it loaded winDVD automatically and started playing the movie.
I would really like the prompt box to appear! :sad:

Also there is no prompt box for my cd burner wnen I insert a blanc cd, and it used to have! :sad:

Anyone knows what could be the problem?
Any help is appreciated!


Go to My Computer and right click the DVD drive. Click on Properties and go to Auto Play tab. You can change the settings on the different formats there.

That didnt work, any other suggestions guys?


You can also use the PowerToy from Microsoft and install TweakIU to enable Autoplay.

This fixed it for me when I had a problem.

Autoplay Repair Wizard