The Price of DVD-DL compared to how long it's been available



Sorry if this is somewhat of a redundant question…but from what I’ve noticed, dual layer media has been on the market for what, about 8-10 years now. But we still are not seeing the price of reliable dual layer media reach the pricing of single layer, or even close.

Is there collusion to keep the prices of dual layer up due to the reasoning of copyright infringement, or is it just supply and demand?

And if it’s just S&D, then are there reasons why manufacturer’s cannot up the supply to bring down the pricing of dual layer media?


Why should something complicated be as cheap as something simple?

Manufacturing DL media is more complicated than manufacturing SL media, and for that reason the prices will never be the same.


So pretty much that regarding DL media…the cost of manufacturing it does not get cheaper the longer it’s been available. Like some things the tech get’s different and more cost effective the longer it’s been out…but not so for DL since it pretty much stays static?


In many ways, the price wars were the worst things that happened to the CD-R and single layer DVD-R/DVD+R markets.

Personally, I’d rather have prices remain a bit higher, with more of a quality guarantee.


Manufacturing might get cheaper, but it will never be as cheap as manufacturing single layer media, since the process is more complex.

Since there are many more blank single layer discs being sold than blank dual/double layer discs, there’s little reason to believe that the prices should be getting much closer than they are now.


Demand for the DL media has never been very high in my opinion. Cost of the media and more convenient storage for large files (hard drives and larger usb flash drives) have made DL disks a niche product, and as such, they may never get much cheaper.

I wonder how many people tried DL dvds and were discouraged by the results when using crappy disks from Memorex et al?


I got one of the first DL survival kits here in the States from Best Buy back when I also got a NEC 2500a burner that Harrie added DL burning to with custom firmware.
It was like 32 bucks for one DL disk and 8 dvd+r and one RW disk, I didn’t care, I wanted to see if it would work.
It did and as far as I know still does play, and I still have the drive too but I don’t use it anymore.
It’s too bad the media hasn’t come down in price but yes it’s a niche product what with normal media being so cheap and good ripping/compressing programs out there that make a full movie look pretty good on normal media.
I think it took about 2 1/2 hours to burn that first disk and I was thrilled it actually worked, woulda sucked to throw away 30 bucks like that.


Demand for DL discs aren’t too bad actually. From where I am, DL media has fallen in price … from about $20 a disc to $3.70 a disc for Verbatim stuff. And under $1 a disc for Ritek stuff. The thing is that SL discs have ALSO fallen in price. This keeps DL more expensive than SL.

DL is a lot more difficult to manufacture, the yield rates and QC requirements are probably higher as well as cost of equipment. You can’t expect prices of everything to fall just because it’s been on the market for a while …

Demand is there though. Though not as high as SL for sure, it’s probably mostly gamers looking to make backups and some movie buffs.

That being said, I do agree, quality is just terrible nowadays :(.


DL price is here down to under €1 per piece and its not even glueing two SL discs together, as many peepz still think these days.

Quality has its price, always.