The Price is Right!

Stoner has a Price!

But what is yours?

What would your price be to dress up as a big assed black schoolgirl and dance erotically?

You can’t handle this ass ->

On a 15" LCD monitor, I could.
On my 19" Flatscreen CRT monitor I can.
On my 68cm Flatscreen telly, I certainly can’t.

What’s your point? :bigsmile:

Depends who the audience is…

Already did a transvestite fashion show for charity back in high school…with the whole male population of our class at the time…was great fun and a big success…

Dirty and cantankerous old men!
And you dance alone amongst the leers and jesting! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh my god! I’ve just realised it’s just like the presentation of a university thesis!
edit except university presentation doesn’t require the school girl uniform /edit

edit2 Of course, that doesn’t deter the priesthood /edit2

:wink: $$$ can make anyone do just about anything :wink:

You forgot the option: after 25 beers I’ll do anything. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: