The price is right



I have a epson preview monitor eu-47 That I have no need for that is just taking up room. I think it is for epson 785EXP/825/925/R300 printers. I will ship it to any of you that wants if for free in the us,since I do not want to pay the mail to send it overseas. Just thought it would nice to send it to cdfreak that can use it since I do not need it. Send me a private message with address to send to and I will send it to the person who is first. Please do not ask me to send it to you if you have no need for it. I am trying to give it to someone who can use it.


how sweet of you… just make sure and post in here when someone has messaged you so you don’t get 800 pms :wink:


My mother called and you know what that means I got to go see her so It might tonight or tomorrow before I get back to the forum.


Unfortunately this type of thread is against the forum rules (although i’m convinced the intentions are good from all involved parties).