The price for cheap clothes

Hi ,at what price does making stuff cheaply does lives count, this story in the Associated Press hit a nerve
How many lives have to be wasted to warrant safety measures.People knock the unions and force companies to hire outside companies for cheap labor were there are no control for safety measures.People die for what?

One thing being in another country the US has no actual authority over safety .

However when the Unions in the US were stronger a lot more clothes were manufactured here . Although not all union & probably most not. In Amarillo alone we had 5 Levi Strauss plants that did various steps in making Levis . Now we have none.
I have expressed my belief before that the US should not allow imports like this that are made by people that even though paid . The wages are next to nothing & working conditions are very poor. This makes the people slaves in reality . Sure they can leave the job & starve or keep it & barely survive. This should be considered a violation of the 13th amendment of the US Constitution . I don’t know if the US Customs (government) refusing to allow these goods would get the wages up enough not to be slavery but maybe.
What gets me is the US can’t even for example get shoe a manufacturing factory going . I have a hard time believing that you couldn’t get people to work for $15.00 an hour with benefits & still make a profit on sneakers . Selling at the same price the imports do.

There is a pecking order to how nations evolve regarding their economic situations. Once the USA was where these emerging countries are today. We provided cheap goods for the world and they were happy to pay less for items they needed. China, India etc. are now the countries providing cheap labor to the developed world. The developed countries can not afford to manufacture a lot of the goods they consume and maintain the same standard of living. The developed countries have moved to service oriented economies and not manufacturing economies. The manufacturing economies want our services and technology. They also seek to emulate our societal economic model and will do so over time. By then their will be other countries ready to step into the role of providing cheap labor to them.

The USA can not force the emerging countries to change their ways. We need their manufacturing ability as much as they need our market to consume their products. It is the workers that will force change in these countries and not any outsiders. One thing that is consistent between countries, and even groups of people within a country, is that they will use each other for economic gain. The workers will leverage the factory owners like the owners leverage the workers. It will take time for the workers to gain their leverage but it will happen. The problem with most unions in the USA is their leadership became corrupt and started using the unions for unsustainable financial gains. In the end, this tactic brings about their downfall. Some unions are smart enough to avoid this but most are not.

The one good thing about all this growth is that as countries improve their standard of living their population growth rate slows and will eventually reverse. IMO, the thing that will save the human race from self inflicted disaster is to raise the standard of living of all people over time. When people have a good standard of living, raising large numbers of children is not desirable or necessary. One thing is sure though, if we don’t stop our population growth then nature will do it for us and nature doesn’t take pity on anyone.