The poll nobody understands

Not even the submitter of the poll understands the options. :eek:

pizza eh?!
guess Mr B. is still cursed by the evil italian!! :iagree:

whatever kind of drug you took, Mr. B., /me wants too! :slight_smile:

not sure, but I guess it was something like this

Nah, toads are nasty :slight_smile:

and pizza with toads is not good :stuck_out_tongue:

Chicken tikka masala chips and rice.

sorry it had to be said

Focus your inner gallbladder if you wish to harness the power of rotten monkeys!

Aw man, hoped the bush thing would be in the lead, I was thinking of that lovely bushy thing, not the bloke!!

If 7, why not glue.

Glue is addictive … and sticky, and is hard to control.
What’s just not what an impressionable young mind needs.

Glue is extreme sex :stuck_out_tongue:

i refuse to participate in the poll…there is no god option with underwear on the head…

Of course not. That would mean you’d have the chance to understand this poll


Hail the pizza, definitely :iagree:

there is suppose to ALWAYS be a god option if there is a poll…did you not get that Memo???

Quick, like a bunny!

Airy…you should use your Popeness and create that god option in this poll…:smiley: then no one would understand your mystical powers…:wink:

yeah run bunny run.!!!

C’mon guys, push the bush, you knows it!

Everybody knows that , is the right choice…isn’t it obvious :doh: