The Polar Express

I just backed up “The Polar Express” R1-NTSC

First, I tried DVD Decrypter, out of habit. As a result, the sizes of the VOB files were less than what was initially reported. When I played the backup on my PC, I got about a little over 3 minutes into it when I was thrown into a clip with scrolling white text on a light blue background, informing me of the evils of theft. Ridiculous! I bought it this morning and just want to back it up.

Next, I tried DVDFab Decrypter and it seems to play fine on my PC.


Two decrypted files have a size of 8K. Whereas, DVD Decrypter reported them as being 10K in size, and in fact DVD Decrypter reproduced both files as 10K on my hard drive.


Is DVDFabDecrypter reducing these files through optimization, or is it not decrypting them properly? I am tempted to replace the 8K Fab decrypted versions with the 10K ones that DVD Decryptor created but I will wait for some advice before attempting it.



Try DVD Shrink 3.2

Just made a Bkup myself…same disc - “The Polar Express” R1-NTSC…no problems, plays ok in burners as well as standalones. Used Express (platinum v.…main movie option. Original file - movie only = 4362MB, so that the video quality was about 89%.

One odd finding was that when I opened express and took a look at the files, three separate identical files were listed: 4295 MB ea. (running 1:39:45 ea). This, obviously makes no sense, and leads me to believe that something is a little strange with this release. I previewed each, they appear to be identical. If I have some time, I may play around with it a bit…

Just an FYI, v. was released on 11/16…the three subequent versions caused random crashes with some users with os xp sp2.
V., released 11/22 is ok per most fab forum members.

I don’t know which version of freeware you have, but the decrypter is the same, respective of the version.

Hope this helps.


>>>One odd finding was that when I opened express and took a look at the files, three separate identical files were listed: 4295 MB ea. (running 1:39:45 ea). <<<

There exists three main movie versions, one each for ENGLISH, FRENCH, SPANISH. I’m not sure why. Normally, you have separate subtitles and/or audio tracks. I used CLONEDVD2 for the backup. I selected two things. The main movie with menus, in ENGLISH. No warnings, no studio logos, no movie preview. All the other titles were left unchecked. As a result, I got a nice clean backup with English Dolby 5.1 surround. It all fits on one layer with no compression. Normally, I have to use VOBBLANKER to get this result, but they made it easy for me to use a simple tool like CLONEDVD2.


Thanks for the explanation…hadn’t seen this previously. It’s way obvious now. I had a “twilight” anesthetic today at a surgi-center…I’d like to blame my lack of mental acuity on that, but my wife said to me,
“…nice try Einstein…” :doh:

Appreciate the info.


Hi Gary,

I can answer you question: why the IFO filesize may change after ripping?

Since DVDFab Decrypter will read IFO file into DVD structure, then fix the invalid part, finally write new DVD structure into new IFO file, so that the filesize may change.

DVD Decrypter will simply copy IFO files, so that the filesize will not change.

Best Regards,


Aha, optimization during the decrypting phase. Thanks for confirming what I suspected. As an experiment, I took all of the DVDFab decrypted files, replaced the VIDEO_TS.IFO and VIDEO_TS.BUP 8K optimized, with the 10K original versions from the DVD. Interesting that those files are not decrypted on the DVD, so I just copied them across. Then, I did the CloneDVD2 run and I got 8K VIDEO_TS.IFO/BUP size as output. Very good job!