The Plextor

I have just purchased a plextor dvd drive and now would like to upgrade it using firmwares avalible in the plextor’s official website, the problem comes when I have to decide which firmware I should downlod ?

There are 1.01 up to 1.07 right ,but which one should I install ?
And will th eone I install solve all the bugs ? :rolleyes:

I have the 708a and I get the best results with firmware 1.07.
If I use any other version discs burned @ 8X get errors in them.

But will I solve all the bugs , and is there a risk while upgrading ?

BTW is it difficult ?

Well do you know which firmware is already installed?

I would recommend trying the firmware that came with it. If you dont have any problems theres no need to upgrade.

1.07 solved all the bugs for me but its different for every drive. Some people may have problems with certain firmware while others dont have any. Its really easy to change the firmware. All you need to do is download the firmware file from the website, execute it and follow the instructions.

doby : no its not difficult at all… yes there IS a risk while upgrading, i have had / seen / read about it on this forum, that you COULD completely loose your DVD drive if the firmware update gets interrupted halfway through or something like that.
this is a fairly small risk but it CAN happen.
My recommedation is that you close out any and all programs that you dont need when your doing this upgrade… AIM, Kazaa, all that stuff, and you should be perfectly fine.

Which drive would you choose between the Px-712A & Px-708A.

I heard that 712 has some critical problems. I still can change my drive according to my retailer.

My current firmware is 1.01 , 1.02 gives more compatibility with other brands,
what should i do ?

I’m a bit confused, you said you already purchased a drive. You should only use firmware for the drive it was intended for.

I have both drives, no problems with any of them, I burn and test afterwards and they have very low PIE

708A has the 1.07
712A has the 1.03, 1.04 is avalible but I havn’t decided to install yet

Generally you want to run with the latest firmware, because that has all the bug fixes and enhancements. However, you would not be at risk to install and test with your media. If the results are good, go with the adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. If your results are poor, upgrade. It is just an exe file run off the web…unlikely to do any thing wrong. If the drive does ‘break’ from whatever you do, take it back and exchange it under warranty from your retailer.

Thankyou all guys, hope you will continue havin excellent results and thanks again !