The Plague Region 2 Greek and AnyDVD

There is a new protection scheme, as found in “The Plague Region 2 Greek”,
that AnyDVD does not seem to handle…

The main new feature of this scheme, is the presence of bad sectors only at the end of the main movie VTS, and not at the beginning…
…as with every other ARccOS title previously released…

AnyDVD does not identify any protection scheme(as presented in the information window)…
RipIt4Me handles this title just fine…

IFOs were sent to Slysoft support…

Wow been a while since you last posted has it worked well till this title came out?

Haven 't had time to test previous releases with the new version…
Due to work, i 've been out of town a lot, the past 2 months…
It is difficult to test anything when you are 1000 miles away from your pc, most of the time…

Again, I am very jealous. Why can’t Region 4 get new protections! We’re lucky to even get ARccOS!


Any news on this?
I 've sent the original IFOs twice…

maybe you should try 2 more times :wink:

I would send them again and use outlook express and make sure you click the send a reciept part in the options this way you know they got them. zaq be nice this guy has been a great asset to slysoft if you remember.

Some people in germany have also problems with this title.

Yes, nobody seems to able to get AnyDVD to work with that title.

Don’t forget this one:

you wound me :sad:
is that against the hippo oath
I remember well what a big Asset Zav is to our forum
especially dvd protections in the Hellenic region
I was just trying to be helpful
We all know how busy SS can be, with new protections popping all over the globe.
They might miss an email or 2

Was not trying to be harsh to you just a friendly reminder.

you catch the latest episodes of your namesake
he is becoming quite harsh with his adversaries :wink:
great stuff on Sci -Fi

Does it work now with the new anydvd version?
can you please post the information window (just curious)?

Seems to be fixed…


another gold medal for SS :clap:

Rather a bronze one…

as you are color blind :sad:
gold is missed by you
So sorry

Sorry, I took the liberty to go on holidays for two weeks, so it took a little longer than usual. AnyDVD covers this protection.