The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything

It says it was successfully copied but it wil not play in any players. I have tried different types of disks and different players. What’s up? Grandchild is sad. Thank You!

Please give details on your ripping and burning process.

What type of discs were used? what speed did you burn em? did you backup/burn full movie or main movie only? We need details…
Tell your Grandkid to go out and play…LOL…:bigsmile:

Does it play on your computer ?
if you have Nero CD Speed installed on your system you may want to check to see if the disc was closed/finalized.

Lets see if we can make that grandkid smile. Here is what is meant by process, Posts #67 to #74, but please read Post #78 & ask any questions here.

I suspect you may be burning too fast. Try reducing the burn speed to 8X, and setting the booktype to DVD-ROM. These controls are located in DVDFab Common Settings->Write, which you can access by clicking on the green checkmark in the upper right corner of the DVDFab window. It would help if you could post a burn log. The name of the file is [B]dvdfab_burn_vso.log[/B]. Use windows search function to find it and open it with Notepad. Highlight some of the more recent entries and copy and paste them into a post in this thread.