The Pioneer Dvr-112l 8.06 Vs 8.09



To all who read this, i sugest u take 8.06 rather then 8.09 read further why…

Despite the fact that poeple claim the pioneer not beeing an reliable scanner, i beg the differ…this is utter bull

In here ill post a Verbatim mcc004 burned at 12x using 8.09 scanned twice 1 time through cd/dvd speed and 1 time through dvd info pro and the results are very similar more or less. Now dont believe the scan just listen to wot ive experienced. The movie wos the thin red line 2hours and 50 plus minus. Now if u devide that through 4 inlike 4x 1 gigabyte chunk u got 40 min playback roughfly. Now, to my knowledge the discs read from the inside to the outside. if u look carefull ull see some very high spikes near the end of the disc. And yes if u calculate the full lenght of the movie whit the capacity of the dvd u could say that last 40mins starts from arround 3 - 3,2 gigabyte. And again at that poinit i had allot of hickups in my movie playback. So, to me it sure looks as if those scans infact counts for something. I know the PIFS are at almost the very near end and still i got some playback an bit early on in the movie. Because those highest spike from arround 8 -13 must be the last circulating at arround 10-15 min.
Now, ive went back for the last time to 8.06 and this time ill stick to it until theres another release.

Urs kabster


update on wot i said earlier,

2 words MYTH BUSTED . As far i know, i MY experience i only can confirm my theory is right. I especialy checked the last 5 - 20 min of that movies and there were no more lil hickups oh no, but rather BIG FAT PAUSES :a . So, iam glad to have a picky dvd player because thats the best drive to me to do Quality scans hehe.

urs kabster,


And here i like to add another scan from the same movie this time burned AT 16x no less through 8.06 scanned through both cd/dvd speed and dvd info pro. And again i come to the same conclusion that the scan overal score is very similar to those scans i made in the past when there wos no 8.09 back then. And also, if u compare the Total amount of PIF and PIE errors from both 8.09 and 8.06 SCANS ull see the 8.06 produces much much less errors . So, that must count for something to me… Thats all i have to add so far about those 2 different firmwares. I realy wish i could try and compare dual layers between those firmwares but i only have made 1 dual layer through 8.09 and its not even my usual brand of disks = verbatims but Maxell.

I hope to be helpfull,

Hell maybe this should be an STICKY one :bigsmile:

urs TruLy kabster,


All i got to add is, if u know wots GOOD for u and UR backups stick to 8.06 for the time beeing… :bigsmile:


And another scan, dont u just love the looks of this jewell ehh. Dont u just wish u were in my shoes ehh. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: And ive watched the last part of that movie frrom this yes very same disc whitout hickups pauses ETC… CASE CLOSED as far it concerns the riability of the pioneer scans!!!


I agree with kabukijo, newer firmware at times f.cks things up. My NEC 4570 with original firmware was doing fine job with Verb -R media, when I upgraded it to the latest it started producing very high P2 errors. I went back to my old firmware and it makes 95+ quality burns again. :iagree:

This can vary with media type, so don’t nobody be surprised if some media works better than other. :confused:

In my case I keep all versions of firmware ever released and test each with new batch of DVD media I get. This allows me to select the best firmware for each batch of media I use. Sure it is pain in the but what else can you do… :rolleyes:

Same thing with DVR-112L, I keep all version of firmware and so far the Buffalo 1.21 seems to be the best, at least with the media I use (got some old 2.4x Verbs -R at real cheap, and burn them at 4x with firmware fix. :bigsmile: )