The Pioneer BDR-212UBK. Is It the Best for Burning BD-XL TL (100 gig) M Discs Right Now?

Hello, Friends,

The Pioneer BDR-212UBK was recommended for burning 100 gigs of data onto Blu-ray M Archival Blanks. I needed your advice if my information is solid and correct. And, if someone had some sort of equipment to run tests on the burners, that would be awesome.

My Goals

  1. My foremost goal for now is to reliably burn 100 gigs worth of data onto Verbatim M-Archival blanks. I need to backup about 1-2 TB of my family videos and photos! They are truly priceless.

  2. A secondary goal although nowhere as important is to play UHD 4k Movies. This is secondary because it seems like all players are having problems playing this format. You need to have an upgraded computer that’s just right. I just hope that when the manufacturers work out all the bugs, the player I am going to pick will be one of the ones that are able to play these 4k movies but that would be the roll of the dice.

A few questions I had.

  1. What are the best places to purchase?

  2. Is this the best burner/player for my situation?

  3. From what I can tell, the accompanying software for all these players stink. I was intending to just burn data onto the blank disks with imageburn and play them with something like PotPlayer. Is that good enough or do you have another suggestion?

Can you help a fellow out and tell me if I did enough research? Thank you, everyone.

I think you’ll need a BDR-212UBK (newest model) for 4k UHD movies to work.

Newegg and ebay are alternatives to Amazon.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll check it out!

Thanks for the advice. You were totally correct; only the latest models reads UHD 4k movies.

Reading as much as I can, it seems that the 3 products that are competing at this level are:

  1. Pioneer BDR-212UBK
  2. Asus BW-16D1HT
  3. LG WH16NS60

Reading as much as I can, it seems that none of the 3 make it easy to watch 4k UHD. They all seem to have issues. I’m speculating here that the difficulty is stemming from either the movie industry or native 4k UHD technology comes with some difficulties. But I don’t really care about watching true 4k UHD anyway. I’m guessing it’s going to take at least like 5 years for native 4k UHD movies to be widespread. Only like 4 movies were in native 4k UHD last year.

A major issue was the ability to burn M archival quality discs at 100 gigs. Both the Asus and LG could only burn M-discs at DVD SL (25 gigs). That’s why they are so much cheaper at $80 and $100 respectively. Took me forever to figure this out. LG really tried to hide this fact and also implied that it could actually burn M discs on blu-rays. Very shady.

The Pioneer BDR-212UBK is a lot more expensive at $140 and up but I think it’s worth it since it can burn M discs at 100 gigs. It’s a huge difference from 25 gigs.

*I wonder when M discs double-sided blu-rays will come out (200 gigs). Anybody know a general timeline? It would make backing up data twice as fast!

i am a novice too. but i noted that all models manufactured by pioneer are in this page. you can compare the prices too:

regarding UHD playback, you might want to look at this page:

i am in no way affiliated to any of the above companies.

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Thank you for your recommended links!

I already examined the manufacturer’s page. The manufacturer’s page is one of the first sources I rely on to create my comparison spreadsheet to figure out the best model. The info provided is usually correct. I was surprised to find out that a manufacturer’s page is not always correct and even intentionally tweaked with wrong information. I guess that the lure of profits is stronger than the fear of the FTC and the threat of a class action lawsuit.

The process of finding the best model is so frustrating. How many product-comparison websites listed on Google are just fake shill sites for companies? How many websites are paid off by companies to get to the top of the website’s recommended list? It’s so frustrating. Then, you have the retailers contributing by further screwing with the data.

Anni, thanks a lot for the latter 2 links! Totally grateful. I didn’t know that about UHD-friendly drives vs modern UHD drives. I don’t know if I would get the UHD-friendly drives though because it seems like a big pain in the butt and you have to use an older computer which will make your whole system slower. Even if I was a student, I would pay the extra $70 and pay about $150 rather than $70 (and downgrade the firmware myself) or pay $130 for a company like CA to flash it for you. It would take so long and so much effort. Just a waste of time.

I pretty much decided on getting the Pioneer if anybody doesn’t present me with additional info that changes my mind. The main reason is the M-Disc capability. The LG and Asus can’t write M-Discs that large. The entire goal of a backup is that it must work when you need it or you’ll be screwed. If you ever lost a backup that you needed, it’s extremely painful and destroys productivity for weeks. It’s not worth it to play around. I guess you can make 2 or even 3 backup discs with regular blu-ray discs but that sounds annoying if you have to back up 1-2 TB of stuff every year.

I can’t play the UHD 4k movies because of the minimum requirements of the computer equipment. But, I figure that UHD 4k movies aren’t going to come out in mass for another few years. By that time, I hope I will be able to upgrade my equipment.

Thanks for all helpful info!

Well the Pioneer support page provides media support list (PDF file) for their specific drives:

Firmware upgrades as well:

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Thanks for the links. I think it would be very helpful as it will provide a hint for where to look for compatible discs. It doesn’t seem though to provide info on M-discs.

Where did you get that from, that ASUS cannot burn M-disc at more than 25 GBs? IMO it is not true at all. ASUS BW-16D1HT should be able to burn ANY M-disc of ANY size… In fact, M-disc blu-ray discs are not really different from standard HTL BD-Rs are they? They both are based on INORGANIC material, unlike DVDs… A lot of people here will tell you the same.