The perfect ratDVD-Player

Hi folks,

Do you know the perfect player for ratDVD-files?

Media Player Classic shows and displays all (conveted) subtitles and audio languages. But MPC isn’t able to adust brightness, hue and so on.

Full Screen Player 0.5.1 allows to adjust brightness (etc) but isn’t able to select the 2nd subtitle on the drop-down-menu. Only the 1st not second or third. The are shown greyed. (that means you can see them but not select)

Windows Media Player has similar problems.

Any hints?


Have you tried VLC - Videolan player?

Jep! Don’t work!

No picture, No Subtitle but Sound :frowning:


VLC needs a custom graph to play the rat file, its a not for every one player since its takes some time, its not a plug and play soloution.

If you you dont know what a graph is, simply put its a custom codec play file that tells the player exactly what files you need to play this thing.

Over all im finding rat at the moment to be a pain in the ass, but interesting. Kinda like meedio cept he dont charge for geeky software.