The Perfect CDRW?

Currently have a Plextor 1610A. However it;s lack of support for regular bit patterns means its quickly losing its place in my PC! I’ve scoured the list on CloneCD site for the ultimate CDRW for reading and writing. So far I’ve made the following assumptions.
First of all, I was told all Philips drives can handles regular bit patterns, however their latest model the 1208K is only 12x record, which is a step backwards, and also only has RAW 16 and no Burnproof technology. Next i looked at Acer as they apparently use Philips hardware. Acer drives seem to retain the regular bit pattern support, whilst being faster and also ave Burnproof technology in the form of Seamless Link. Yet the Acer still only has RAW 16 support, and arent the easiest drives to find in the UK. Lastly i came across the Plextor 2410A, this has speed in its 24x record, regular bit pattern support, burn proof, and even RAW 96 support, however being that it’s very new, unavailable atm and there aren;t exactly a huge number of reviews for the drive i remain sceptical! Anyone else?? btw, if u think it’s impossible to survive in the world of 1:1 copies on a 1 drive solution and believe its easier to split the reading and writing between two drives, please say so! Currently my Pioneer DVD 105S cant read shit!

It’s still a bit slow at reading but writing is very good.
Will be updated by new firmware shortly after release!