The PContime BenQ bait and switch saga



Well it seems that I’ve been swindled by and I’m not alone. I ordered an OEM BenQ 1620 and received an Aopen DUW1608/ARR. By all means stay away from this company, they aren’t returning any calls and I’m stuck with an inferior drive. I was so looking forward to using the BenQ given the good experiences on this forum. If anyone else has been screwed, please let me know exactly how it went down. There probably isn’t any recourse but I want to give these people as much hell as possible…

A dissappointed BenQ almost fan.



If you paid for product with your credit card, call your credit card company and inform them you did not get product advertised and you want to dispute the charge. You then should not have to pay the charge, unless the company can prove that you did receive product as stated. Of course the credit card company will want to know if you tried to resolve problem with them first. So make another attempt at contacting them. But don’t take to long to dispute this transaction with your c-c company or it will be to late.