The Pair of Jack Of All trades ... Vs ... A team of Idiot Savants



In a battle to the death, which is better.

Two Excellent people that can do practically anything, with average skill …


One mostly normal person that’s is not necessarily the sharpest tool in the shed (lets say GBjnr) and can’t really do much, except compile documents or distribute work, and a Team of 8 idiot savants …

Lets hear you opinions people!!

For all intents, assume that there are no equal rights laws, or laws at all. No punches are to be pulled for this one. Rolled sleaves and Fisticuffs & everything else.


simple…an individual who can do a little of everything beats one who can do 1 thing really well…broader range of ideas & strategies


[B]In a battle to the death[/B]…well:

The “idiots” have a 4-to-1 advantage in number of force (plus 1). So, if there is no weapons to be had or enough time for the 2 “average” Joes / Janes to make any, then the “idiots” (plus 1) would overwhelm the 2 “average” Joes / Janes by brute force. If weapons are in the equation…the 2 have the best chance over the “idiots” (plus 1).

You really need more known variables to have a half a$$ chance to make an educated guess.

Remember: The post asked about “a battle to the death”, not work output or other things. Violence does not take a high IQ to perform well.


Oh fine then, Assume the following scenarios.

  1. A battle to the death with the following weapons: Swords, Morningstars, daggers, Bows & Arrows & Rifles.
  2. Bad tempered flowe Arranging with 30 different flowers & 3 different types of green leaves, and 12 different types of fancy wrapping paper.
  3. Origami with 30 different coloured papers.
  4. Technical conference arrangement on topics ranging from molecular physics through to calculation of what day it was in BC date-ranges. Standard tools are computers, printer & phones.
  5. Missile trajectory calculations in real-time. Paper & pens. No calculators allowed.
  6. Formulation of facts & theories concerning Monkey interaction & social dynamics in multiplayer notepad environments. Standard PC with AOL internet connection, speakers, keyboards/etc are available.


This is about you hating your job and wanting to kill your boss…is it not? :bigsmile:

The overtones of this are loud. LOL

Oh crap! You said an AOL connected computer! That’s neutral zone stuff man…that’s FUBAR…I’m out of this! :eek:


I choose “Battle to the Death” scenario 3.

The 2 excellent people win.

The logic leading to my conclusion:

The 8 idiots need waaay too much supervision and very direct, extremely detailed instructions, and hand holding, for death inducing origami to succeed.
Plus the normal person (aka the supervisor) will spend nearly all of their time setting up a work punch-in clock, and having to monitor coffee breaks, then have hire a service company to bring in coffee machines, to give them any instructions on origami. Once that’s all done they’ll have to set up a safety committee to discuss what to do in the event of nasty paper cuts, then train some first aiders and propose an emergency plan for catastrophic paper cuts, then bring in some consultants to run paper cut awareness training.
Then they’ll all want performance reviewes and pay rises.

… meanwhile…

The two excellent people will use the internet, or even a public library and get some basic origami training. Then they’ll go to an art / craft store and buy a selection of paper and make an arsenal of origami shurikens. The shurikens will then form the basis of a devastating cluster attack upon the 1 supervisor and 8 idiots who will be having a coffee break and complaining about their working conditions, so will be brutally slaughtered and not found until the beverage machine maintenance technician comes in to restock the coffee supplies.

Is that detailed enough for you? :stuck_out_tongue:


I would like more details on the construction of these cluster bomb Shurikens you mention so fondly.


Grasshopper, I do not know if you are ready for such knowledge…

However, I will show you the origami shuriken.
This one is a magical pink “Barbie” shuriken endowed with a 27% chance of inflicting blondness and 45% chance of causing critical eye damage to the victim.

Fear the awsome power of the magical paper shuriken!!!

It also makes a fairly good cat toy.



I would take the NYC route-

Pull out a .357 and blow the bitch away-eh!


Violence is not the answer … except to the first situation.


LOL! :bigsmile:
I was going to go with the 8 idiots winning the all out fight in scenario 1… but if Big Mike was one of the two excellent people, I don’t think the idiots would stand a chance :disagree:

(pssst…Keep him away from the weapons, it could get messy :eek: )