The Packaging Messup of the Year

And the winner is: Verbatim! Yeah! :rolleyes:

Recently bought two 10-packs of Verbatim DLs at OfficeMax. :cool:

The first pack is fine. :slight_smile:

The second pack has nothing but single-layer disks! :eek: :sad:

And for a surreal touch, it’s half -R and half +R! :doh:

Both packages looked exactly the same and were properly shrinkwrapped in a way that didn’t give any indication of a fraudulent media switch. There also weren’t any fingerprints or dust that would indicate they had been lifted from another spindle. :cop:

WTF?! :a

Let this be a warning, inspect your 10-packs before leaving the store! :o

Which country of origin do these discs have?
Please also give us the transparent hub codes, and the ZD… stamper codes, if you can… :wink:

Maybe you got Made in Singapore Verbatim SL, which would at least be slightly consoling :wink:
I would definitely pay a little extra for MIS media, but how much did you pay for these DL packs?

The outer packaging clearly indicated Singapore. The +Rs have PAPA codes. The -Rs have what look like Prodisc codes. I don’t feel like typing them out. I just want my DLs. I paid only $5 per 10-pack because I had some coupons, so this was an incredible deal on DL media. I could care less about SLs, even if they are MIS. I want my DLs. I will be storming the doors of OfficeMax in the morning.

someone on the forum said he had found CD-R discs in a DVD-R cakebox, so you may consider yourself rather lucky :stuck_out_tongue:

They were properly shrinkwrapped?
Seems that Verbatim have a different packaging facility then? But why would they mix the media from different manufacturers, and why would the cakeboxes come in different styles then :confused:

Do those discs say DVD+R DL on the top?

Well, there were some RITEK R03 DVD+R in CD-R (Verbatim Extra Protection) cakeboxes too…
Nothing great, but this doesn’t really speak for their QC. :eek:

Which I’m assuming you’ll be doing with the replacements when you return the mismarked packs to OM.

It will be interesting to know if the folks at OM have any reaction other than scratching their heads.


Just goes to show it can happen to the most respected of manufacturers/brands. Unreal.

I too would be interested in hearing what the reaction is from OM.

I hope you can exchange them, I have to wonder though if they will just think you are trying to pull a fast one and not exchange it for you.

Good luck and let us know how it goes…

:iagree: It’s such an odd thing to happen that I can just see them inspecting the discs for themselves. Mind you, a lot of shop assistants can’t be bothered, so maybe not.

Ouch, that is bad. I will double check the batch that I just ordered. Thanks for the heads up.

I ordered 4 packs from OM online store, so I decided to check them and the following is what I received:

The box list DVD+R DL
DVD+Recordable Double Layer
Speed 2.4X (but stated up to 8X on High Speed Compatable Drive), 8.5 GB, 240 min
Made in Singapore

VSO Inspector on BenQ 1625 Drive revealed:

Media Type: DVD+R DL
Media ID: MKM-001-00
Speeds: 2.4X

Free Capacity: 9.96 GB
Free Sectors: 4173824
Layers: 2

Success Rate
For This Media: 94.7% (101181 Samples)
For This Burner: 78.6% (14 Samples)


May be the media was made in small “Mom & Pop” shop :slight_smile: some place out there read the label for origin of the country the disc has been made before buying it.

Well, they exchanged them no problem, although they had run out of 10-packs, so instead they gave me four 3-packs and only charged me $3.00 for the two extra disks ($15.00 for the 10-pack equals $1.50 per disk). I thought that was fair. Thank you, OfficeMax. :flower:

So, I left home with 10 single-layer disks in a mini-cakebox, and I came back with 12 dual-layer disks in fat jewel cases (in the 3-packs the disks are individually wrapped). :bow:

Now I’m contemplating whether to leave them wrapped until I’m ready to use them, or open them up now to make sure they’re all DLs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, not bad :clap:…hmmm, I’d be inclined to check them, LOL :bigsmile:

Yeah, I couldn’t stand it, I had to open them. Thankfully, they’re all MIS DLs. Luckily, I had an extra 25-disk cakebox sitting around, so now my 22 DL disks are sitting in that.

Is it safe to assume in the 10 pack spindle if the top disk is DL, then they all are?
as you can see the top disk without opening the box
otherwise I’m in for opening 10 boxes :sad:

I think the old title was more expressive :bigsmile:

Yes. None of the disks in my pack were DLs, and I knew something was wrong from looking at the top disk.

Crap, must’ve gone through 30 packs of those Dynex DL discs at my local best buy. ALL MADE IN HONG KONG!!! Now I remember why I usually don’t buy media locally. Most of the time it ends up being a waste of gas. Good thing it was on the way to work.

Who buys media made in hong kong or china?
For the chinese, quality control is something that happens to other people … nay! Quality is something they cannot afford!

Man, you are lucky and it is even better. :clap:
In my experience 3-pack individually jewel cased DLs are much better than those 10 or 20 pack spindles in terms of quality.
I am using quite a lot of DLs, about 10 each week, so it is from my experience.
multi-pack spindled DLs somehow has bonding problem, at least it looks like but not sure how long will it last.
However none yet in jewel cased one, it’s just perfect…and also no blemishes and dust where there are many on spindled one (about 8 out of 10 has some kind of blemishes or dust when you take a close look under fluorescent light.
Consider yourself lucky that they do not have 10pack spindle at the time of your exchange.
And actually 3pack cost more to buy and haven’t seen it on sale for more than a year now :wink: