The outer burn looks different?

I’m using Fujifilm TY dvd+rs and the outer burns looks lighter then the inner burns. Scan shows where the bad part is, however i still get a good score. Should I reburn? so far 4 are like this.

someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this happens when the burner chages speed in the middle of a burn, and as long as there are not unusually high errors on the scan, the disk is fine.

Yes, that’s the Z-CLV and P-CAV stuff.

Correct, you see this sort of thing with certain burners and combinations of media all the time. I’ve had quite a lot of these with TTH02 and various burners, for instance. The discs still have good quality scans and have no problems playing back on DVD players.

My old 8x burner used Z-CLV for 8x (6x too, I think) I never got any 8x burns out of it though, first the media was unavailable/expencive then when it was available it was unsupported :doh: