The Only Way To Get All This MIT Crap Off The Market!



Get in touch with the companies, wether it be Maxell, Sony, Fuji or whatever the brand you use and voice your displeasure with the product they’re putting out.

I’ve already emailed Maxell Canada to voice my opinion about there MIT product. And from what I’m hearing they’re listening!

Please get these companies to stop flooding the market with this low quality MIT crap…complane, complane and complane again!!!


Nothing wrong with the Sony Taiwan discs.


They’re okay, but they don’t compare to TY at all. My MIT Sony’s usually have good PIE/PIF values, but high jitter towards the end. :sad:


There are many good quality DVD’s being made in Taiwan. If you have the right burner, CMC and Prodisc are decent discs. Personally I would not buy Ritek of any kind, but that’s my own prejudice. MCC made in Taiwan has also generally been acceptable.

Calling MIT media “crap” and refusing to use it just means that you will miss out on some good values in media.


You also have to think about the millions of discs that are sold to people who have no idea there is a difference, they will buy whatever is on the shelf. I would say that less than half of all DVD burner owners actually know the difference, or care. :iagree:


There is for sure some good MIT media out there, namely MCC and Ricoh media. However, both Fuji and Maxell are both switching to low quality MIT media - Ritek and Prodisc. Prodisc F01 is pretty horrible imo, and Ritek R03 & G05 are very variable and at least in the case of G05 - is known to degrade very quickly.

I personally don’t have a problem with the big brands switching to MIT, however I do have a problem with them switching to LOW quality MIT media. :a


Just sent an email to Fuji asking them to cease and desist from using anymore MIT Riteks… :bow:


RITEK and Prodisc aren’t low quality MIT media - Princo and Lead Data are! :a



I’ve never had a single issue with Prodisc on any of my NEC (3) or LG burners.
I encourage folks to let Fuji and Maxell know about their preferences, but you will be a very small minority of users.

I would say that less than half of all DVD burner owners actually know the difference, or care.

More like 1%. Just hang around the media isle at Best Buy for a while. Not one person will have a clue what they are looking for, and most are just buying a drive for the first time.


Exactly! :iagree:


Maxell wasn’t happy with their Ritek outsourcing before users even started complaining. From unofficial sources I understand they’re considering to switch to TY. Let’s hope they do.

Ritek is not low-quality media? How comes, then, that extremely fast degradation reports, for both G04 and G05, are so numerous? Recently, only Traxdata-branded Ritek discs have not been (yet?..) bashed.
For their +R media it’s not a clear picture, though.

If you only burn and scan a G05, it seems fine (sometimes even excellent). Re-scan it after several weeks and be scared. :eek: - this has been reported (and I have personally experienced this) for Ridisc, Ridata, Maxell, and of course for Arita, Rimedia and unbranded G05s.

As for the original statement of this thread, “MIT media is evil” :eek: , gee personally I find this sounds more like prejudice than opinion. There is MCC made in Taiwan and it’s neat, lots of recent CMC discs are good if not great, Prodisc is NOT the worst choice when going cheap and Ricoh rightly deserves its good reputation.


i emailed maxell canada and the idiots emailed me back telling me “Firmware upgrade should fix all the problems associated with Made In Taiwan Media”


oh, crap. Like a fw upgrade makes sorry media into gold. That’s just plain sorry by Maxell. Sounds like another company following Plextor’s lead (going from a great reputation to the a sorry one in a hurry). :frowning:


Which Maxell media were you complaining about actually? An for what problem?


If aka… was referring to Maxell (RitekG05) DVD-R 8x media, then that’s a no-brainer, as I bought that before I got more informed about media, and while it’s a little better than normal RitekG05, when I called Maxell’s Tech Support to tell them they were selling fake Maxell and it was RitekG05, they said “it is genuine Maxell” and that it would be replaced if it failed, but that they would not replace it for real Maxell (i.e., Maxell002 or the other MXL mid for 8x). So, the goofy response he got doesn’t surprise me.


Of course (don’t start me on G05 :bigsmile: I’d just like to know. :slight_smile:


You guys in the US are spoiled for quality media. In Oz, none of the big chain stores sell any MIJ media. Only a few specialist PC retailers stock it.

If you guys stop buying MIT, that means we will end up with even more…


There is no way in heck Japan can meet the global demand. I’ll echo rdg’s comment that relying only on MiJ stuff will result in you missing out on a lot of quality media. Besides, there’s a lot of bad MiJ stuff too (ever seen a bad TY batch? I have, believe it or not… ever seen other brands of MiJ media? I have…)

To make a blanket statement that all MiT media is bad and all MiJ media is bad is a very poor generalization.

(BTW, every time I see “MIT”, I think Massachusetts Institute of Technology… so I use “MiT” and “MiJ” instead :p)

Now, if you want to get certain companies to stop using certin media codes (like RITEKG05), that’s a different story… :slight_smile:


I’ve heard form unofficial sources that Maxell is going to stop outsourcing to Ritek and switch to TY. If this is true, they’d better hurry before their reputation dies. :iagree:


I hope you’re right. Maxell in “old days” sold 4x TY… damn were they good. =)