The ongoing struggle for CD protection *followup*

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Hmmm, interesting news:

The music industry is now testing different copy protection systems on mass market chart CDs, with copies of NSync’s Celebrity on the Zomba label being sold in at…

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Pure gas.

Muhauhauhauhauhauha! :o “Seems like the industry have found (finally) some shit stuff.” At least 2 or 3 day for removing from the market this protected cds…

Well the german version seems to have the SCMS copy protection. This means that a philips cd recorder and mini disc see it allready as a copy and not as a normal disks. It shouldn’t be a problem to rip it digital using a PC with digital in and a cd player with digital out. Also any studio recorder might solve this protection.

Ive had this album on MP3 for ages - sounds like another waste of time…

Well… if N-Sync’s albums are protected I wont be losing much sleep. :slight_smile: Lets just hope they dont start a trend (in more ways than one).

This nonsense was similar to PUUR where the store bought cd was actually a copy of the original and the bit turned on to no copy at all. We solved that problem by using a professional standalone with no copy protection turned on or running the optical output of cd player into optical input of soundcard. We also found out at least in the case of PUUR some of the copyprotection was lost because simple extraction from protected disk using soundforge5(b) worked also. This may be very similar to what we encountered.(See forum-general chat-Mediacloq information(4)

Yes Yes Yes… I lake all these protectionz, because i can copy them all. I use a Plextor 40X cdrom and works fine…:slight_smile: Some protections are a little difficult to bypass… If cloneCD doesn’t work i use BlindRead :8

I doubt the protection will even glance at the punk scene

I still cannot get any cd copying proggie to burn the beatles “1” cd properly - track 27 always skips - if you post the software name that worked for you, please post the settings - i am intrigued - i have tried cdrwin, clonecd, blind suite…

This was a pathetic attempt at copy protection. One would have no problem getting all songs on two CD’s, but on the market there was only one CD. Use 80 min CD and overburn with Nero. I checked on my player and see 80;01 (808MB) for all 27 songs with #27 The Long and Winding Road clocking in at 3:37

I checked because I could burn it with a philips 3610 on a single disk which cannot overburn and the original disk says 79:10 on my PC/STEREO/DISCMAN. So the 808 mb version isn’t a disc at once copy. Anyway. I don’t think that it is a software only problem since I can change many things in CDRWIN and still my philips 40x (made by Acer) actually will do it. So stvastva what burner and reader are you using. Since it maybe a hardware problem here.

I am using a Plextor Ulatraplex 40max & a 121032S - both scsi…I even tried making an image first in cdrwin & cloneCd - I have also tried Disc Dupe, Disc Juggler - I have had success with EAC but that is not a 1:1 copy - I am intrigued to find software that will make a copy of that 27th track…