The Omen & Thank You For Smoking

Hey guys… Having some difficulty!!

NERO 7 Ultra

Alright, so I use ANYDVD Ripper, and the program successfully decrypts and copies the file to my hard drive. I then take DVDSHRINK and compress the new files… Process completed successfully.

Afterwards… I go into NERO Express and add the DVD files that I want to burn, but I get the message “DVD-Video files reallocation failed. The resulting DVD-Video might be unplayable. Do you want to continue?”

And yes, I did try burning it with this information in mind… Still did not work.

I’ve used this process to burn hundreds of DVDs, and suddenly it doesn’t work. Anyone know what the problem is?

Why not use dvd shrink to call up nero or if you are ripping pnly make dvd shrink turn the DVD files in an ISO format and use imgburn. I copied The Omen without a hitch.

Sorry? I’m a bit confused… Could you please help me out with the technique youre describing?? What’s the process of it??


Use dvd shrink and go into the dvd shrinks setting and put a check next to the use nero to burn.

Yes, I get the same message when I do that.

Open up the DVD in DVD Shrink once it is opened Backup the copy on the DVD. No need to copy to the hard drive…

Since those using AnyDVD to rip why dont they use CloneDVD2 together? Maybe try that combine to reduce the error output.