The OLDER Verbatim +r 16x



What do you want a photo of, my non-DLP CMC 16x +Rs? :slight_smile:


Yes, [B]Arachne [/B]:wink:

[B]molnart[/B]: Just like my Verbies :slight_smile:


Yep, my MBI Verbs look exactly the same as molnart’s. And I’ll get you a pic a bit later :iagree:


@Evilboy - sorry about being late with the pic, I’ll get one now if my camera is charged enough. :slight_smile:

Be back with an edit if I can get a pic. :slight_smile:

Edit: Here you go :slight_smile:


Actually the bold sans-serif looks more like Prodisc to me.
But since CMC has also released some cakeboxes with bold sans-serif font and Prodisc-style design (some TDK 16x DVD+R and some Verbatim 8x DVD+R Pearl White), it could be CMC as well, so this would be a sign that CMC would be changing their designs as well :slight_smile:

On the other hand, it could be almost everything… all kinds of weird things can happen while packaging the media.


The discs in the spindle are PAPA CMCs. Maybe something weird happened with my batch? Mind you, it is the only 25 spindle I have that looks like that.

Edit: to be precise, the discs in the spindle have this stamper code: PAPA14K06131083 4 :wink:


Does the cakebox bottom have a Taiwanese recycling logo?

All my Prodisc 16x Verbies cakeboxes have had such a logo while CMC’s only had a small triangle :slight_smile:
(The Prodisc 8x Verbies cakebox did not, though, and it also had a thinner font :eek: )


Nope, small triangle as you mention. Edit: eh nevermind, my head hurts :bigsmile:

I’ve been trying to get a pic of the packaging around the spindle as well, but they all come out blurred.

Maybe I should keep this spindle and not use it, since it’s obvious it’s pretty weird. :bigsmile:

I still think I probably mixed up the cakebox top with one from a Prodisc spindle by mistake :iagree:


My last purchase of MCC004 (this month) turned out to be entirely Prodisc-made (PAPA serials), and none of the boxes has this logo underneath, only the small PS recycling triangle…

BTW they are very good, among the best MCC004 I ever had actually :cool: (at least the first cakebox is…).


PAPAs are CMC made… Prodisc have a long numerical serial with + in the middle. Also, you’ll see a silver colored edge along the outer rim of the burnable side of Prodisc discs. This edge is blue on the CMC made PAPAs.


:eek: :eek: :eek:
Seems to me, you have mixed something up :wink:
Or maybe there is something I don’t know about serials :confused: :rolleyes:


Oh, well… those who know me from long have noticed I can have some VERY blonde moments…

I have to say that this one is good for the hall of shame, though :doh:

You’re all allowed to make fun of me, I well deserve it :bigsmile:


M’kay… two more questions :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Does the cakebox have only one white foam spacer ring or two thinner ones?
  2. Do the discs have “Verbatim DVD+Recordable” on top (with a sans-serif, Arial Bold-like font) or “Verbatim DVD+R for recording” (with a crystal-like font, the font that is used for the 16x writing on the cakebox)?


#1 I can’t answer, as I removed the spacers and discarded them when I used the first disc to test.

#2 The discs say “DVD+R for recording”. :slight_smile:


Dear Francksoy: Don’t feel bad, the cakeboxes in the USA are completely different, with different labeling, the only constant I have found is that the font is different on the Prodisc made Verbs.(OPEN/CLOSE font) Other than that I am completely lost, people have said that the PAP6 Verbs are horrid, I find them great. I think they package whatever they have and its pure luck if you get a good batch. Just my thoughts.:iagree:


:iagree: I will be giggling on the day when you get that really bad batch of PAP6, Alan… hehehe :flower:


Now that’s plain evil :bigsmile:


Thanks [B]Alan[/B] :D, but I’m ashamed to have mixed the [I]serials [/I]identifying CMC and Prodisc :o , not to have mixed the cakeboxes designs/labeling (that I don’t even TRY to identify anymore, just like you :bigsmile: - I leave that to our “packaging” expert [B]kg_evilboy[/B] :bow: )


I have 6X 50 spindles, I have opened them all and tried a sample disc of each, all good. But these all have the same font ( Open/ Close) as the CMC made Verbs. I can’t explain it, the only discs I really use are Yudens and MCC004. I have some 8X Verbs MCC003 that I bought on sale in 5 packs They are the really old MCC003 and they burn fine also. I don’t think I will be buying media again for about a year or so, then maybe Blu-Ray disc or HD discs will be available at a decent price.:confused:


OK, finally i opened my CMC made cakebox i mentioned earlier in this thread, and i’m very disappointed :frowning: People here are usually saying that Made in India Verbies are inferior to other manfuacturers, but actually my MBI made Verbatims produced much better results. Those PIE values are too high for my taste

(The disc was burned at 8x)