The OLDER Verbatim +r 16x



Before they started to become kinda crappy, what year on the package of 16x Verbatim +R is a safe bet? I know, as Im sure many here do too, that the older ones that I presume are the better batches, have a lighter purple colour to the wrap-around label on the spindles.
Am I correct? The year on those ones stops at 2005 I believe. Ive seen some from 2004-2005.


Your comment is interesting, I wish I still had some 25 packs from when they first came out, 2+ years ago has it been?

Back then most drives firmware wasn’t as mature as it is now for MCC004 so I wonder if that older media was better than todays.

But I know what your saying that some current batches are not so great although I have not gotten any myself.


2004 PAPAs with the “Genuine 16x Drive Certified” gold seal from 2004 are usually nice quality and almost always burn under 200 PIF.

It’s hit or miss with other date codes after 2004. I’ve had the best luck recently with 2005 date coded Prodisc made 25 packs. They have been better for me than 2005-2006 PAPA and 2006 PAP6 packs. They still have some superb packs, but there are bad batches mixed in as well now so it isn’t a sure thing.


2004 is the golden year, but those are pretty much impossible to find now, unless you find a store with very low traffic located in a small town.


I think you all are right. The latest light-purple CMC Verbs I have are © Verbatim Corporation 2005. Excellent stuff if not as good as the 2004 discs. 2006 has been pretty variable for me, Prodisc- and CMC-made both. Recent Prodisc has been better to me than CMC.


In Germany, the market situation is like this:

[B]5 jewel cases[/B]
The earliest Verbatim 16x DVD+R were “DataLifePlus”, © 2004 from A MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL COMPANY and possibly Made in Singapore or Made in Taiwan by CMC.
Now, they’re not DataLifePlus anymore, but either Made in Taiwan by CMC or sometimes Made in India by Moser Baer.

[B]10 jewel cases[/B]
Those packs are rather rare here.

[B]10 disc cakeboxes[/B]
The earliest Verbatim 16x DVD+R were “DataLifePlus”, © 2004 from A MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL COMPANY and Made in Taiwan by CMC, with a number of other small differences as well. It is interesting that the oldest batches have a soft, black PP base similar to the 10 disc Verbatim DVD+R DL cakeboxes coming from Singapore.

CMC apparently still continues producing under the DataLifePlus moniker with the old design.

[B]25 disc cakeboxes[/B]
The earliest Verbatim 16x DVD+R were “DataLifePlus”, © 2004 from A MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL COMPANY and Made in Taiwan by CMC or Made in Taiwan by Prodisc, with a number of other minor style differences as well.

CMC apparently still continues producing under the DataLifePlus moniker with the old design, but now with a short lip instead of the classic CMC tall lip and an apparently softer cakebox.
Both Moser Baer India and Prodisc now produce non-DataLifePlus Verbatim media, that is © 2005 and from A MITSUBISHI KAGAKU MEDIA COMPANY.

There are some small Taiyo Yuden batches too that seem to be a mix of these styles, but I haven’t found any yet. :frowning:

Also see these pictures:

[B]50 disc cakeboxes[/B]
I have only seen these without DataLifePlus, from both CMC and Moser Baer. They’re © 2004 from A MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL COMPANY, though.

The 50 disc cakeboxes from Taiyo Yuden (YUDEN000 T03) are in a That’s cakebox, but are from [B]M[/B]erbatim Corporation :eek: and © 2005 from A MITSUBISHI KAGAKU MEDIA COMPANY.

[B]100 disc cakeboxes[/B]
Never seen any of these in retail.

(This may be correct for MCC 004 but not necessarily for MCC 03RG20 that I never saw in a DataLifePlus packaging.)


the reason I brought this is up is because theres a ton of the 2004 at my staples.


I’d buy them then :bigsmile:


Definitely. It might be the last time you see these :slight_smile:


I wonder if Staples Canada is closing out Verbatim stock. I haven’t seen Verbatim disc’s in any Staples in this part of the US for over a year. Not listed on their website either. Better get it while the gettin’ is good! :smiley:


I dont get original post, IMO and may here Verbatim are the best you get, I would never buy any other DVD5, DVD9 or RW media.


I’m not having much luck with the latest 100-disc spindle I received
recently from Newegg. The quality in this batch is [B]very[/B] inconsistent.
I’ve used Verbatim media for probably over 20 years now, and I don’t
like the trend I’ve seen lately regarding quality. Hit or miss. :sad:

Benq DW1650, first disc burned with FW BCFC at 12x, the rest BCIC at 8x.


Compared with my last batch of TYG02’s from Neato.



Interesting - I just got four 25 packs off the last Best Buy sale - and they all are marked 2004 - and burn great too-

But then again - I have experienced very good results with all the “PAPA” 16x +R MCC004’s that I have been burning in the past year or so - as my LiteOn 160P6s really [I]LOVES[/I] them-eh!


Today i bought two 25 spindles of 2004 Taiwan made most possibly CMC (rectangle on the top, Sans font, tall lip) media.
I was very surprised, since it was the first time i have seen non-MBI (2005) Verbies here in Slovakia. Weirdly i bought them directly from the greatest (or only ?) media importer company, so it’s hard to believe they had them on stock for more than two years.


Oh, Slovakia has MBI Verbs only? :eek:
Which media company are you talking about? :slight_smile:

Every 25 disc cakebox here in Europe, if CMC, is © 2004 and DataLifePlus and looks slightly different :wink:


They say DataLifePlus on them? My CMC Verbs are © 2004, but no DLP logo.

My MBI, Prodisc and TY Verbs are all © 2005.


Argh. I was talking about 16x DVD+R. ^^"
Of course, they won’t if they’re 16x DVD-R.


Mine are 16x DVD+R - all the media I mentioned above is 16x +R, except the TY Verbs which are 8x +R. :slight_smile:


The TY Verbs that are 8x DVD+R were released after the 16x DVD+R from CMC, IIRC.

There are still DataLifePlus 16x DVD+R out there, and all of these are CMC (a very small portion was Prodisc but this has now completely vanished as Prodisc has switched to the new design). Newer CMC 25 cakeboxes still have DataLifePlus but a shorter lip and have a softer cover.

Could you post a photo of these? :flower:

( left CMC old, right Prodisc new)


I didn’t say there was only MBI, but that I have seen only MBI :stuck_out_tongue: At least in the last year or so.

They are called Diskus an their sticker is present in almost every DVD/CD media i bought, hence i thought they’re some major distributor.

The discs are DataLifePlus and there’s a “For use in 16x DVD burners” comment on the top of the spindle.
I haven’t opened them yet because i want to get rid of my older media first.

Pic: CMC Verbatim (left) - MBI Verbatim (right)