The official "This is true" thread

That’s unbelievable, but the following pic is true. A friend of mine sent me this picture shot on a supermarket :eek:

So I had the brilliant idea to start this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Anybody with a totally crazy BUT TRUE pic can post here. Please, no photoshopped pics :wink:

Of course, no pr0n or offensive pics :wink:


[quote=coathi;1934148]:)[/quote]Priceless :cool:

LMAO :bigsmile:

I wish I’d seen this thread yesterday cos I saw some classic Chinese translated into English signs while I was out waling about… didn’t take any pics of them though :doh:

Last time I was here there was a sign on the western style public toilets that said “Sit and Defecate”


[B]Please post some more pictures Chaps[/B]

ROTFLMAO!! That pic is brilliant Diane

come on chaps there must Be more pics out there :bigsmile:

Looks like the 5 fwy going to TJ in SoCali.