The official Nero 7 thread

Nero has now officially announced Nero 7. Are you going to buy it?

Short question, quick answer. No

For now I’m happy with Nero 6.6 and Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.5. I will probably use it when it comes bundled with one of my future drives ;).

No way. It’s over-bloated and I don’t believe enough time and care have been spent on the core applications. Time seems to have been wasted (IMHO) on superfluous apps. :a

Too soon to say… if the price is at a convenient level, having too many things it is not a real problem as you can choose what to leave out of your HDD…
No new on packet writting application changes so far…
We don’t really know how long they took to develop it, but we don’t know how they did the beta tests either…so we have to wait and see.

A huge yawn here. The feature comparison posted on the Ahead site shows a lot of new “features” in 7 that we can all live without and will probably rarely use. Clearly this is designed purely for the purpose of separating us from our money. Nero Express is starting to look pretty good.

No - even Nero 6 is bloated. I have removed everything but the essentials and a slimed down Nero 6 is fine for data. For movies Nero is just not necessary.

Why the hell is Nero 7 so MASSIVE?

Whats with all the new crap thats in it. It crashes on every app on my pc. Back to 6 for me

The beta test is about to start :eek: :smiley:

Exactly! I will make my choice in a few months after we find out if it really is worth it. :iagree:


its too big and too expensive :wink:
waiting for a slimdown version 8 :wink: dreaming

Hi :slight_smile:
I’ve had it a week now & I would that people either stick with latest version of 6 or wait to d/l upgrade. Which will be cheaper.

What packages would you purchase when sold seperately? I assume everyone wants Burning ROM as that’s where most know the software from…

Burning ROM is the only thing I use regularly. Nero Digital package gets used some too, but since it’s sort of buggy, not very much. All the rest is a waste of space.

I have use for the ToolKit and sometimes Nero Burning Rom for a quick burn.
The rest of the applications are quite useless to me so I don’t see why most should download or buy this massive suite to clutter up the Registry.

This is just Nero’s way of forcing familiarity of their products on you.
Who needs all that other crap?

same here although i might give nero recode a try for testing purposes (why not since i have tried all the rest)

First of all. I think that NERO has done a terrific job in the past and I expect it will continue to do so. Nero has gotten large because the market place, in general, requires the suite to compete.

I use Burning ROM and recode often and other particles of the suite sparingly. The same goes for Office. I use some of the programs regularly and the rest I use sparingly to not at all.

I have found the software reliable and the support department responsive. We sell and install a lot of software and we have had much better luck with them then their competitors.