The nvidia 6800 card is out

wondered if any one has picked it up and would like to see how it does…i think the 128 meg. was 269$. I always like nvidia but it seems now days ati has them beat in the speed department…but i have to give nvidia the nod for quality graphics.

What 6800?

this one

though if i got one id probably wait for this one to go down some and get it…

I just got the BFG 6800GT OC, and it is an amazing card.

It takes up 2 slots, requires 2 power connectors and Nvidia suggests a 480w PSU for it…and ATI still draws with it, WTH would you want it?

i stick with NVIDIA in general since they have less driver problems :wink:

i have seen a geforce 6800 in action and believe me it’s worth every penny!

damn near flawless frame rate on ut2004 @ 1600x1200 with everything on full! it takes a huge open area for it to sputter (running with a P4 3.2ghz)

well i was a ati fan untill i bought the x800. um the drivers wouldnt load on the computer…then i called and my motherboard bios would have to be updated to get the card to work…well brother im not waiting around for that to happen. :Z

and from the reviews ive see the ati x800xt its faster by a small margin (some game tests actually have the 6800ultra faster) so i wouldnt say it draws with it. plus the nvidia 6800 series supports features (SP3) which the new atis dont.

oh and the 6800 regular outperforms the 9800xt and is cheaper. :wink:

but im still keeping my 9800pro in my other computer i just like to have choices…plus eq works alot better with the nvidia drivers :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a lot more problems with Nvidia drivers before I got my 9700 Pro than I’ve ever had since ATI started the Catalyst program.

@ Jamos
I’d stick with ATi even despite your issues, didn’t the x800 gfx on the Asus board or was it on your old one? The driver issues are equal these days and ATi is still superior when it comes to TV-out and D3D performance. They’re still lacking in OpelGL but hopefully they’ll work hard on that due to Doom 3.
I would also like to recommend Omega’s Modified Drivers instead of the official ones since they offer a few enhancements.
The benchmark seems a bit quirked too compared to Anandtech’s. (That’s an ultra card and keep in mind that a GF6800 “classic” is a lot slower).
And btw, I’m not an ATi fanboy, I’m using a nVidia gfx myself although both ATi’s and nVidias hi-end solutions are way overkill for me. :slight_smile:

Like i said for pure speed the ati is tops…i will not deny that. nvidia drivers do have some quirks though lately they seem to be pretty stable. i have two computers so i got different manufacturers…no fun having the same 9800 pro in both computers is it? :stuck_out_tongue:

and my motherboad is a nforce2 abit that the x800 wouldnt work in. tried 2 different boards…called ati tech support and got the you must wait for a patch for you mboard answer…oh well my 9800 pro is fast enough.

How long have ATi said theyre gonna fix their OpenGL drivers? :wink: It aint happend yet :slight_smile: That sure looks like Nvidia is the way to go if youre gonna play alot of DOOM3 dont it?

Like I said the new 6800 series do better with some games. recommends this card to play DOOM 3!

And i recommend you WAIT till the game is actually here instead of listening to biased marketeers :slight_smile:

soooo, I guess you won’t mind if I take the x800 off your hands? :bigsmile:

i dropped Nvidia and went with an Ati 9800xt just because of all the great reviews the Ati cards were getting.
well i was so pissed when i got the 9800xt installed and started playing CoD, UT2004, and some other FPS games i play all the time.
CoD would crashed every 10 to 20 minutes, UT2004 had major artifact problems, some games that ran great with my old Nvidia card were running like crap on the 9800xt.
sure i fixed these problems with new driver updates or hotfixes Ati released but i never had any issues like this with Nvidia’s cards ever.
i finally gave up on the 9800xt and sold it.
bought a cheaper 9800 pro just to save some cash and wait for Nvidia’s FX6800 to come out.
what really gets me is that the 9800 pro i have now works way better than the 9800xt ever did.
maybe the 9800xt i had was just a bad board, no clue.
i’ve always had bad experiences with Ati right from when they 1st came out, but i figured since they were getting such great reviews that they would be better now.
Ati’s drivers are better now but they still have way more issues than Nvidia’s drivers from my experiences.
Ati’s boards seem to have more issues to, my friend bought a 9800 pro and had to return the card twice since both Ati boards he bought were DOA.
could be that we just have bad luck with Ati cards but i won’t buy another one again.

Did you buy retail ATI or one of the Power Color, etc. ones?

the 9800xt i had was an Ati made Radeon.
the 9800 pro i’m using now is a Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro Atlantis.
my friend bought an OEM 9800 pro which was DOA.
he then bought the Ati made Radeon 9800 Pro which also was DOA.
i finally told him to buy the Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro Atlantis like i bought and he had no problems.
i’ve heard bad things about OEM brand cards so i wasn’t surprized that the OEM card didn’t work.

@ Accel7
I’d say that the drivers are pretty much equal in “bugginess” and your issues with CoD and UT2004 are not common issues, probably old drivers or another software/hardware issue. I don’t think that ATi-based (OEM or not) video cards have a higher RMA ratio than nVidia, you probably were unlucky.

@ DiiZzY
had nothing to do with old drivers or another software/hardware issue.
the Ati drivers were the issue because CoD needed a hotfix from Ati to solve the problem.
same with the artifacts in UT2004, again Ati released a hotfix just for that game.
the problems with these games can be found in the “Release Notes” that Ati has for all there Catalyst drivers or hotfix releases.
true i was probably unlucky.
but like i said, i’ve never had any problems with Nvidia’s cards or drivers yet.

The CoD issue was resolved according to ATi in Catalyst 3.10 which were released on December 19, 2003 and I’ve never heard of issues with UT2004 and Radeon cards. Care to give me some pointers? As long as you have updated drivers you’ll be fine.