The number 3 is now trademarked

Beware when you write the number 3™ somewhere !

Do not use l3™3™t remarks anymore… the number 3™ is not yours anymore !


The Hutchison Whampoa Group today unveiled the brand identity 3 for its 3G services worldwide. A name, a number and a logo, 3 represents the company’s commitment to deliver on the promise of the 3G medium.

The new brand name was chosen for its brevity and simplicity. It is easy to remember, ubiquitous, and transcends language, cultural barriers and even technology. In numerology, three is a lucky number, and is associated with entertainment, optimism and clarity.

Behind the name lies a new adventure - 3 is the door to a brand new medium that offers much more than 2G or 2.5G.

Lisa Gernon, strategy and marketing director, Hutchison 3G UK, said, “We are building a brand which will resonate with consumers across the UK. 3 will offer customers an experience without precedent – it is unlike anything else on the market. We are beginning a step-by-step rollout of our services over the next few months, and our research tells us very clearly that people can already see the excitement.”

“The core idea behind 3 is about delivering usefulness and enjoyment at the same time”, continued Ms. Gernon. “Thanks to 3G technology, we no longer have to choose between fun and functionality. Now, 3 enables us to have both at the same time.”

Doug Hamilton, Global Creative Director, who led development of the brand, added: “For customers 3 represents the natural next step. A step on from where we’ve been but most importantly the first step of something new that has never existed before, bringing information, communication and entertainment to people on the move.”

Together with its full graphic identity, 3 presents a more complete picture of the brand’s character. The logo has a light titanium outside and a dynamic, playful, vibrant inside, animating through the whole spectrum of colour. The contrast between the outside and the inside articulates the spirit of 3: cool on the outside, hot on the inside, echoing the same spirit as the tough outer shell of the 3G handsets and the cauldron of dynamic information and entertainment inside.

“3 will deliver on its promises and maintain its appeal over time. The brand is not a chameleon, but it has to have flexibility built in. For example, the licence in the UK is for 20 years. We are making something that will live and prosper for at least 20 years. We do not have to promise everything on day one, but we do have to deliver everything that we promise on day one,” said Mr Hamilton.

“The technology is real. We are building a completely new kind of consumer experience, creating a service that over time will become an indispensable component of daily life for all of us. 3G is a new category, it is not about promising some perfection in a fantasy future, it is about delivering exciting services that are relevant to the consumer. 3 is simple and straightforward, it is about exciting services. By the time we’ve finished, the measure of our success will simply be how many people can’t imagine life without 3,” added Mr. Canning Fok, Group Managing Director of Hutchison Whampoa.

3 will be adopted throughout all of HWL’s 3G operations in nine countries, which includes Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

That is one not-l33t logo! Yuck! :slight_smile:

perhapse somebody could trademark the complete alphabet
then you can make large profits by licensing all writers in the world for using your trademarks

I hereby trademark the following symbols:
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V X Y Z Å Ä Ö Ü Ã 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 @ # ! " ¤ % & / ( ) = ? + - * \ } { [ ] < > | § ½ ´ ` :

The symbols you may use to express yourselfes are:
$ ¨^ ’ - _ and some others. I hope you can make yourselves understood with these characters, or you can pay a small royalty fee to me for every trademarked character you want to use :slight_smile:

All your writing are belong to me! :bigsmile:

“>” $$$ “<>

It looks like the company 3M is heading for lawsuits.

hmmm…there is a 3m just down the road from me…what do they do/produce ???

3M produces consumer goods such as office supplies like tape, paper, and different stuff made of plastic.

They also produce CD Laser Lens cleaners, VCR head cleaners, and some electronics maintenance supplies.

The following emoticon has also been trademarked: " : - ( "

Commonly known as a ‘frownie’. An American company has the copyright to it.

make sure to check out their demotivators.

Those “demotivators” are freakin hilarious! It was only a matter of time until someone did something like that to counteract the positive ones.

That is one ugly logo. I gonna trademark my nick.
Comes from the bulletin board days.

I also claim the paper cup and the fork on my sink as trademarked.

Originally posted by cloakdoa
[B]That is one ugly logo. I gonna trademark my nick.
Comes from the bulletin board days.

I also claim the paper cup and the fork on my sink as trademarked. [/B]

I should too… it seems i got stalkers nowadays :slight_smile:

:eek: :eek:

Dude ! Mail The Register about that !

Cool ! :bigsmile:

Hehe…You know that Blizzard sued New Line Cinemas for a movie they intended to make called “Diablo”. It’s pathetic. Apparently the judge sided with Blizzard…You know what? I think Lamborghini should sue the hell out of Blizzard now as they used the Diablo name well before the 1st Diablo game. You probably couldn’t sue to win the name “devil” in english, so how can you win the same word in Spanish? Whatever…Sad lawsuits once again in the USA.