The NU DDW-082 is really a junk!

I purchased a NU DDW-082 and was really tortured by this drive for a couple of days.

execpt for quiet and neat case, I can hardly find any advatages of it!

I efforted to find out what dvd discs it can burn, I tested a bunch of dvd discs and failed a lot, at last, I knew the problem is that this drive will burn almost every +R disc but fail most of the -R disc, except some brand like ‘leaddata’.

I have updated the firmware to b375, and turned out to be big disappointed!

I have returned it back to the store. now I use the pioneer DVR-A07XLA without any problem.

Hence, except that you will only burn +R disc, I won’t recommend you to buy DDW-082! :a

NEC / LiteOn and Plextor make some great drives that are well thought of in many of these forums…:slight_smile: All univeral format. My NEC2510 will burn DVD+/-R/RW with no problem, and supports Dual layer. I’d buy another one. :iagree:

NU DVD burners? What, did you buy it base on Anandtech’s review?