The Notebook Movie



I have tried everything to backup this movie. AnyDVD with CloneDVD and also with DVD Shrink and last Decrypter. None of them worked. I even tried just backing up the main movie without any luck. The Disc has the movie recorded on both sides of the disk. One side had the Widescreen movie along with the extras. The other side just has the Fullscreen version with no extras. The Fullscreen side won’t even get recognized by my computer. I have never had this problem with any other disc and was wondering if this is some new type of protection.


I’ve got AnyDVD and CloneDVD and I backed up my copy without a problem.

It really is a great movie! :slight_smile:


Used the same versions as ViperGTS and also had no problems. There may be a problem with the original disk you have. Yes I know it’s new, you even buy new cars and they are defective.


I am using the same versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD. Maybe the disc is bad although it plays fine on my DVD Players. I may try getting another disc and see what happens.


Yes I’ve had a few defective brand new ones myself, also played fine on stand alone but impossible to copy. Tried DVD Decrypter using the retry method on error, attempted over 1000 retry’s and gave up.


I just wanted to thank everyone that replied to my problem and also update everyone on what I have since found out. My daughter has a friend that had purchased the movie so I tried to see if I could make a backup of her movie. The backup went without incident so apparently the original disc I have has something wrong with it even though it plays on all my home DVD players.

Thanks Again


Happy to hear you got a copy after all. As I said, even brand new ones can’t be copied sometimes, even though they play fine on stand alones and PC’s.


Bring it back to the place of purchase. If enough people do this, then the vendor would pay more attention to the quality control of the disc.


I had the same problem with this movie. All programs would get half way and have a cyclic redundancy error or something along those lines. THis is on the second disc I bought.
The first one I bought was cracked at the center where it is held by the case. Talk about lack of quality control.

I did think that it was interesting that this is the first disc I’ve seen that said “made in mexico” right on the clear center of the disc. Perhaps this is a trend that we can expect in the future? Cheap factories in mexico producing discs that can play but not be read by a computer?


Had the same problem as above, but thoroughly cleaned disc and clicked retry and it finished copying without hitch…