The notebook DVD

I tried making a backup of the notebook. I tried decrypter and also 1clickdvdcopy with anydvd and also DVD43 in the background.

Half way through decypter it says something like " this is odd, this dvd is encrypted"…its somewhere around the 3rd file.

if I try 1click it doesnt work. It goes for about 5-10 minutes then gives a error message.

Decrypted just fine here. Multiple times. With both DVD Decrypter and AnyDVD.

I do not, however, use the retrograde DVD43. Perhaps that’s your problem?

Also make sure you have the latest DVD Decrypter. LATEST is, FYI.

I also had no problems with “The Notebook” Region 1. I used the latest version of DVDDecrypter to rip to the hard drive. Do NOT let AnyDVD or DVD43 or any other program run while it is ripping. There is no “special protection” on the Region 1 version (other than the same-ole, same-ole CSS and Macrovision that all of the others have).

If this is the Region 2 version, then you have Sony ArCCos copy protection (in addition to the others). Even then, DVDDecrypter’s latest version will handle it fine (again, make sure no others are running at the same time).

Here is a thread discussing Sony’s ArCCos, and you will note that “Notebook” Region 2 is among those discs discussed:

Make sure you are using the latest DVDecrypter as mentioned in the reply above: DVDDecrypter version

And, from all reports I have read, using AnyDVD along with DVDDecrypter can cause lots of problems if the disc has Sony’s ArCCos protection. Yet, DVDDecrypter will handle the protection fine if you just shut that down.


Yes, although Olli has informed us all of how to let AnyDVD do the deprotecting and DVD Decrypter the ripping (involves twiddling a few settings) as things move forward with AnyDVD but not Decrypter.

The issue is that AnyDVD and DVD Decrypter use completely different methods for defeating Arccos, which are mutually exclusive.

Never use these programs together. If you are an AnyDVD user, you should uninstall DVD43.

thanks for the info. I will give it a try later.

I usually use dvd43 with 1click for every thing…

dvd43 will not copy newer sony protection at the moment - AnyDVD will though!