The next try to fight piracy

I just posted the article The next try to fight piracy.

Submitted by: Mortimer Snerd

A solution for pirating?

A Lawrence (Kansas, USA) software company is marketing a new program aimed at making software pirates pay if…

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hmm… I don’t really understand this. Also key generators would eventually come out and defeat the software’s purpose.

bullshit !!!
Besides , the post doesn’t make any sence.

sounds like someone is trying to make money off of a new idea that already is being used,

Copy protections…wating money, hahahahaha

Copy protections…wasting money, hahahahaha

everything is hackable
hardware eeeehhhhmmmm
& software :slight_smile:

“making software pirates pay if they want to use illegal copies of software”

Is it of me or this is the joke of the year :smiley:

This can only be some kind of rough, fearing publicity…


Corniest Idea I ever heard!! I think the tie they are wearing has cut the circulation to their BRAINS. HEHEHE!!!

Wibu-key heheheh,I work for a reasoably big electronics company,and we do some work for motorola they use wibu-key on some of their test systems - - - I have a wibu-key reader,if I have it im sure loads of other people do,it would take me less than one second to crack one and im no rocket scientist , hang on yes I am !


Hey rainman, what about if you posted the schematics

They are more tupid than I though if they really think that small little pansy ass script Wibu-key or what ever the hell they want to call it is going to stop people using backed up software. You want to fight piracy then stop asking outrageous prices for sofwares to pump up your unrealistic profit margins and see what happens, but since this is never goona happen they can shove that key where the moon don’t shine, that is about the only place that this is good for!!!

sorry the word was meant to say STUPID not TUPID but my keyboard keeps f*&^^ing up.

Ah, ah, ah!!!
You have been tolerating piracy too long ???

You’d better prepare yourself to exercise patience !


Wound’t matter, there should be a way round it.

Sheesh, when will they learn???

ok couple of things. #1 this “making software pirates pay if they want to use illegal copies of software” shit aint gonna happen, EVER! #2 i like think that freakin frase is such an oxymoron like um military inteligance or microsoft works. #3 Bill Gates with all his freakin money couldn’t make a good copywrite protection, so the the fluck makes u think u can?. I like totally agree if the stupid flucks that make software stoped puttin 98% of the of the price in the fluckin pockets, and stoped jackin up the prices then more peps would buy there soft instead of pirating it!!! also I wanna give a shout out to all the kew peps out there and fellow comp geeks chat cha l8r (llok me up , aol sn ragoncrackeror email) so smoke ya later ^_~

ok i think the smilies r kewl but im on aol as dragoncracker or u can e-mail me my site will soon be getting a totall remake and i need some ideas for it (please no warez)sorry!

HA HA HA they have to be joking. When will they learn?

Everything made by human is crackable by human.