The next generation copy protections

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Explains the next generation copy protections (August 2002)

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This is the principe were protections with names as Tagès, CDCops, VOB ProtectCD 5 and Star-Force seems to be based on
Ah, but we’ve figured out Tages now, and it will now be a short time before it’s copied. CD-Cops and Starforce have at least a theoretical work-around, using the Tages trick.

Look guys and girls, many of you would probably disagree with me. But but making the games and music etc un-copyable i think wont make a difference to profits. Because were i come from (NSW Australia)games are like about AUS$90 to AUS$80. And if the games are un-copyable we just dont buy them. So in fact they might loose profits. I would like to here what you guys have to say about this? Thanx Ogre

Re. Ogre’s comments. If I see a game I really want, that I know is good and will be a worthwhile purchase, then I will buy it (assuming I can afford it). Unfortunetely, most games that are released are IMO not worth me shelling out $AU90 for, so I grab a copy of them. If I couldn’t get a copy, then I wouldn’t go buy it as I don’t think it is worth it. Perhaps if more games were actually worth their prices more people would buy them (how many people have felt screwed after shelling out money for something that turns out to be crap?)

(how many people have felt screwed after shelling out money for something that turns out to be crap?)
Me for one. I got a backup of Medal of Honor: Allied Assualt and it was a great game…until it ended. It was way too short for my tastes. i am glad I didn’t buy it for $60 CAD. (I can’t believe how short it was…)

this article was well constructed. The main thing to remember here is ANY protection ever invented can be broken with enough effort. We should not forget the people who spend god knows how long breaking this stuff.And I go along with the theory that only if software is a reasonable price and quality it can control piracy.

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hi… i have the sims 2 double deluxe… n i cannot play it because it says conflict with emulation software detected… n i have no idea what emulation software is and how to find it on my computer so i can play the game…i no this is the wrong section 2 ask. but it was the only way i culd comment srry lol… so will someone plz!! help me!

:c they not support their product. i sent 3 emails with no response. do not waste you’re money with this company. they really suck!!!