The next big step after mp3 and divx?



Hi gentlemen,

I did some reading on the ratdvd website and also here (my favourite forum) about the new hype!

Is this the next big step after mp3 and divx?

When I was reading I was thinking of the great value for us… the ugly but kindly pirates :stuck_out_tongue:

With a “slow” connection we can get at real-time (less then 2 hours) a fully working dvd!

Now as I am typing this I am downloading my first ratdvd file and also am converting my first dvd to the ratdvd format. I must try this!

I want to let you know that I am really excited.

Maybe I hold my mouth now and just say thanks to the author!

I let you know my opinion on the quality discussion.



thread closed. read the rules and please don’t advocate piracy.