The new Sony NEC Optiarc drives spotted on our forums

I just posted the article The new Sony NEC Optiarc drives spotted on our forums..

Dee-27 used our news submit to tell us: "The new Sony NEC Optiarc drives have made an
appearance on our forums. These new drives are from the newly formed
alliance between NEC and Sony. The new…

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While it seems impressive to burn at 18x, is this wise to push 16x media past that speed? Curiously, the MCC03RG20 seems the best burn of all those in the thread…

i am a fan of burning cd’s at 8x-16x and burning DVD’s at 4-8x. i can almost rest assured that the quality of a 16x dvd-r burned at 18x is substantially less than the same disc if burned at 8x. I just don’t have a need for copying a DVD 3-4 minutes.