The new Scour: Users will pay

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Source: ZDNet

It will cost money to swap movies and music, say the new owners of Scour technology. Expect the service, called C*, to roll out before March.

The free ride is over for Scour…

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This sucks. All these programs have gone commercial. Someone needs to release some other programs like this. I mean big ones though that work well with a lot of people using them. Not all these little ones that keep appearing that few people use.

Thank god there is Hotline!

bollox, everything is still free if you know where to look

Jeee, they are stupid, aren’t they?

Without us, the users… who provide mp3s, how will they be able to pay for the bandwidth of everything?

They will lose anyways, there are other free services who provide in a fair way.

If it’s a banner, it would be acceptable, but charging people who are actually helping isn’t really a cool idea, right?

You can download some movies with iMesh

In my opinion there is 1 way to make a service like this free but it requires some help from the end user. The way i’m talking about is using banners and publicity in the program. I know it kinda sucks, but sure is better to click on some banners once in awhile than having to pay a monthly fee.