The New Pioneer DVR-A08XL Looks Very Nice

After reading the specs on the new Pioneer DVR - A08Xl I’m very impressed.

I hope this drive gets good reviews because this is the drive I would like to buy for my next DVD writer.

It will not have bitsetting, no pioneers do, much less useful with out it.

I think bitsetting is a little bit overrated. :Z The majority of posts that I’ve read with people writting DL video discs have shown that most of the time the DVD disc has no problems being played.

Now if you own an OLDER DVD player then yes bitsetting may be something that you want to make sure you have, but i’m not to concerned about it.

When is this drive supposed to be available.

Hrrrrrm, should be on Oz within 4 days.

As for the hardware not booktype setting. I think you will find +R DL defaults to -ROM.


So we can expect a review within … 6 days. :iagree:

The 16X Pioneer uses the new NEC chipset i believe, as does the forth coming drives from NEC, Asus and Aopen. and as far as i know will indeed have DL recording booktype DVD-ROM

Who will have it in stock and how much will it cost?

This drive will also write some 8x media at 16x,a first for pioneer that one lol.
Looks a great spec on paper,as for dual layer ,who cares,until the price on media falls drastically only those who must have the latest thing (and have the enough money to throw away) will pay the prices for dual layer media.
Pioneer drives have always been quality drives I see no difference with this one,hopefully ritek GO5 dye will be thrown in the mix for 8x burning at 16x.

Pioneer should be sued for calling this a 16x burner… Don’t sneeze or you’ll miss the 16x part…
From preliminary previews it burns faster at 12x than at 16x(over a 7 minute burn time at 16x… :rolleyes: )
No thanks.

All the large wholesalers have them now. How much? I have seen them on sale for anything between $299 to $350. :Z

Is black available yet.

Damn ZCLV, that really sucks, no wonder it’s so slow. I was actually thinking about getting this drive, but not now.

I dont like Pioneer for one reason - they dont bother to put a headset jack on the front panel and exactly this makes Pioneer look like a cheapish cut down oem brand.


They don’t put one there 1. Because maybe 1% of the users even use it and 2. It’s Ugly :iagree:

I would Guess the Plextors look cheap too

Nope, much more famous and not ugly! - it’s relaxing listening to the favourite music, and doing the paperwork, without disturbing the other workmates! :smiley:

you’re supposed to do work when you’re working btw :wink:

When will this be available in Canada and the U.S.

Its supposed to go on sale world wide in 09/2004

you do work even faster when listening to some “whirly” Mozart music or similar. :iagree: