The new Paypal twist, is it "Bank Robbery" or "Recurring Payments"?



To my knowledge “Recurring Payments” is not a problem on eBay, but everyone should be made aware that Paypal is allowing on-line merchants to alter Paypal accounts and ADD something called “Recurring Payments” to an account. This can happen when a Paypal user makes a payment to an on-line merchant. It means that as a Paypal user, you must go to your Paypal account every time a payment is made and see what Paypal and their associates have been up to.

I have heard of filehosts and cellphone services using the new Paypal “feature”, and it works like this. First, the on-line merchant offers short-term services at a great discount. Then, without the knowledge of the Paypal user who intends to pay only for a trial service, the on-line merchant will use the opportunity to insert “Recurring Payments” into the person’s Paypal account and establish payments for a monthly subscription. The Paypal user is then stuck with a monthly subscription and paying for it too. The first monthly payment can be withdrawn that very same day, before any trial service is even used.

In effect, there is no short-term trial, or one day of service at all. It’s all about signing-up Paypal users for a hidden monthly subscription, and both the on-line merchant and Paypal share in the loot. Some may say there is an agreement stating that this is agreed to, LOL… But they lie, and probably steal candy from children too. What gives on-line merchants and Paypal the right to alter paypal accounts ? Then go about robbing account holders ? Oh, don’t tell me, it’s in the user agreement, “robbery is okay”.

Should a payment page of an on-line merchant be examined after complaints are made, naturally a link will be found leading to an agreement for establishing a monthly subscription. But folks, was the link there when the payment was made ? And really, does it matter ? After all, the intent was to steal and de-fraud anyway.

I can tell you from firsthand experience, there was no such link or information on the page when I made a payment and my Paypal account was unlawfully accessed for amounts exceeding what I agreed to. And I contacted Paypal, but they would do nothing about this. Instead, they contend, the payment was authorized. And this is true, the payment was authorized by them, so they can earn more profit. I paid for a one-day trial. Why would I subscribe and pay the monthly fee before examining the one day of trial service ?

Like the fraudulant sellers on eBay, some deliver the goods occasionally and pretend to be honest, balancing public opinion and risk of exposure, against an increased profit. In most countries, in all countries ?, financial institutions are not allowed to operate this way.

Paypal and these on-line merchants are laughing at us all day. And you too, Mr. Government … But why ? Because no one will penalize them severely enough, and nothing short of a death sentence will stop them.




The above post is of original content, and composed by me.

I want everyone to know about Paypal. :cop:



We all know about PainPal, don’t worry, but thx for the Report.