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While Napster was once the most populair software to find music on the internet it’s now considered dead. The company, bought by a large record company is however still fighting back and hoping to…

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Yeap, they are dead. They might as well put up the “Closed” sign and forget it.

lmao, why are they even trying!? :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, nobody is going to use a service that you must pay for! Only stupid people will, because you can’t make your own music CDs for backups. Oh well, I’ll stick to my normal ways of backing up my music, so will a bunch of other people! Nice try Napster, its not going to work!

What a joke, you can only download 50 songs a month :r

Napster a has been bought out. so the ppl that are napster are getting paid to make a new napster. In other words…BMG is the moron. Napster kicked started a change in how we (the people/ex-consumer) listened to music. IF the corporations want to succeed, they must ALSO change thir business models, because we have told time again that we dont like it the way it is. Fools. after napster died i stopped buying music. i wonder why… (also lost my cable so i coudnt download much anyhoo) :r