The New Nero 9

The New Nero 9 I have just installed is a waste of money to me at the moment. I have some avi films I wanted to decode and burn, something that Nero 7 did with no problem. When I use Nero 9 Nero Vison I get the meaasge “Third Party Patent Activation” and can go no further with the project. Can anyone tell me how to get around this or do I need to delete Nero 9 and re-install Nero 7. Thank you. Clive

You should probably look for help on the official Nero forums for this issue. They have a subforum specifically for this type of problem: It seems to be quite busy.

Just reading through that forum reinforces my unfavorable opinion of what Nero has become.

If you’d like some free alternatives for avi to dvd conversions, you should look at DVDFlick or AVStoDVD.