The new Intel X38 Chipset reviewed

Some reviews of the new Intel chipset, X38.

Enjoy :bigsmile:

PC Perspective
Hot Hardware
Firing Squad
The Tech Report

Most of the ones I have read basically say “It’s like a sorts car with the handbrake left on”.

I’m sure you meant sports car.

One foot on the gas and one on the brake yeah " I Can’t Drive 55" :bigsmile:

LOL :bigsmile:

Re: the typo. I make so many myself that I overlook everyone else’s :wink:

Now I have edit everyones posts!!!

I would have edited yours, but that wouldn’t be any fun :bigsmile:

Maybe you typed an acronym? What is sorts car? I don’t understand.

Yo Bob-

[I][B]Sorts Car[/B][/I] = what OF’s like us buy to attract younger women - which we then spend excesses of monies on - only to wake up alone - with a huge hangover - and trying to [I][B]Sort[/B][/I] it all out-eh!! :iagree: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, there ya’ll go. Mike explained it in a nut shell.

Is a nut shell anything like a nut case?

Is this the Quest for the Longest Thread? :p:bigsmile:

Sticking to the P35 chipset here until the x38 chipset has been around for a while and more mature BIOS updates are available.

I just skimmed through the article at The Tech Report. $300 for a motherboard. Whoa, that is too rich for me. I can’t see it being that much better than my budget build using P35.

X35 looks good on paper.

1600Mhz FSB, Quad core, Penryn compatible, PCI-E 2.0, DDR3
Oh well most of it looks good. :wink:

Love the name of the newer Intel Chipsets to be launched next.
Skulltrail. Just got to get one to put in a signature.

Yeppo :slight_smile:
And I don’t usually have a tendency to cross-grade either … I feel it’s a tad of a waste of money to gain just a few performance points.

Yay! It officially supports unreleased CPU’s.
In contrast to existing - proven tech - that unofficially supports unreleased CPU’s.

Just what I’ve always wanted :stuck_out_tongue: