The new HP dvd940e looks like a rebadged LG burner, but which one? Help please



Was looking for LG H22N but none left in stock in my area, not even at online shops. :a

Just noticed this HP 940 at SVP and it looks a lot like a rebadged LG.

Has anyone any info about this burner? It would be great if it’s a 22N (Panasonic chipset).


OK forget it, it’s rebadged LiteOn :sad:


SVP is showing an LG there, [B]Franksoy[/B] (4 dimples in the top cover). But buying online you won’t know which of the two you’ll get (unless they want to check it for you).


You’re right, Cressida, I realised that yesterday. I can certainly check with SVP (LiteOn vs. LG from the description), but the problem is, I want a H22N (Panasonic chipset => I scan a lot in Benq) and this one could well be a H12N… and I doubt SVP can tell me which one it is.